My kids love birthday celebrations at the house. Especially our youngest (aka Princess 2.0). Throughout the day yesterday I was instructed that I “couldn’t go in the loft” and I “wasn’t allowed in the dining room.” Since I was running out of places in the house to go, I ended up in my office. Princess 2.0 would later come in, head down, tears streaming down her face. All I heard in between… Read More

My father-in-law was recently at the house and popped his head in my office. He said “so, are you ready for Monday?” I sat there going through my mental calendar and couldn’t come up with what significance Monday had. I finally had to ask “what’s Monday?” He then reminded me that Monday is a day on the calendar that I age one more year. He asked if I had a post ready… Read More

I was making my weekly commute to Indianapolis this week and hit a milestone of sorts. Somewhere around Dayton, my odometer hit 110,000 miles. One hundred and ten THOUSAND miles. Wow. I’m always looking for a way to make the time go by so I spent the next 2 hours thinking about the story all of those miles could tell. If they could speak, what would they say? What memories to they… Read More

A few years ago there was a song called “The Blessing” by an artist named John Waller. He didn’t have a huge career but he put out several good songs in a short period of time. “The Blessing” was one of the best songs he released. It was a powerful reminder that we have a choice each day. Because blessings and curses are choices Will we build up? Tear down? The moment… Read More

Sometimes the greatest moments happen when the iPod is on shuffle and a song speaks to you. While I was running recently, a song by the band Lifehouse came on called “Whatever It Takes.” For some reason there’s a line in that song that captures my attention every time. It simply says: Don’t hide the broken parts that I need to see… For the next few miles, I kept marinating that lyric. I know… Read More