In June of 2012, I wrote a post called “Losing My Soul.” I wrote that post sitting in a cubicle and letting the world see into what I was feeling. It was one of the more open and honest moments in this blog. After a 5 year run as the Director of a program that was literally an idea drawn up on a napkin by my then CEO, I was moved to… Read More

I’m a sucker for worship nights. I can’t sing. I’m a hack on the guitar and can barely remember the years and years of piano lessons I had as a child. I have mad respect for those that have the gift of musical talents. Especially when those musical talents are used to usher people to a place of worship. There is something special about worship nights. Regardless of the church you are… Read More

Roughly 6 weeks ago I received an email from the spouse of a guy I met on the internet. That is a sentence that sounds creepy but really isn’t. In order to clarify and not start a bunch of rumors, here is how all of this unfolded. About 5 years ago there was a documentary made called “Lord Save Us From Your Followers.” Somehow through this blog, I was given the opportunity… Read More

This is just the beginning of Carlos Whitaker’s new book “Moment Maker.” This is the dedication. I cannot wait to turn to the other pages and find so much more. Incredible way to honor his wife. I can say the same for my wife too. Beautifully written. Full review coming soon.

I have spent the last few days really thinking over the much publicized Letter of Apology from Mark Driscoll to his church. If you haven’t read it yet, go ahead and click that link and come back when you’re done. It’s a good read and worth your time. This post will still be here when you get back. Look, I’m not here to judge Mark Driscoll or rail on his apology (past,… Read More