This morning I had the absolute pleasure of running into the three children of a friend that passed away a few years ago. He left this world all too soon. Let me start by saying I struggled with if I should post this or not. I wrestled with if it would be honoring to him and to his family. For some reason I feel this incredible tug to share it though. Please… Read More

As summer comes to an end, we do our best to make one final memory by going to Kings Island each year. It was a bit more challenging this year, but thanks to some discount tickets and good timing, we were able to make it happen again. The kids are old enough to enjoy all of the roller coasters and thrill rides now. Princess 2.0 is not a fan. She made it… Read More

Today would have been my Moms birthday. Actually, today is my Moms birthday. I’m not sure how I’m supposed to say that because I never anticipated saying it that way so soon. This is the 4th year that we have recognized her birthday but she is not here to celebrate with us. So I honor her legacy. I honor the gift that I was given to be loved and raised by her…. Read More

We recently changed cell phone carriers. I covered the reasons why HERE.¬†After about a year long evaluation and process, we chose a church to call “home” too. So what in the name of data plans could they possibly have in common? A lot more than you think. Track with me here. Let’s assume that the “source” of each establishment is the same. There are so many great churches in our city and… Read More

  There are days. There are moments. There are times when you just feel overwhelmed. There are times when no matter how many cutbacks you’ve made, no matter how many pennies you’ve pinched, there just isn’t enough check for the budget needs. There are mornings when physical pain greets you and mental strain beats you. There are so many distractions that your reactions become smaller and smaller. There is drama in the… Read More