In a Blink


Three weeks ago I sat through an all day training about panic bars. Exciting stuff. Riveting. Edge-of-your-seat kind of excitement. What, you don’t believe me? Okay, so it wasn’t that exciting. Let’s be honest, it was panic bars. How exciting could it possibly be. What made it entertaining, fun and interesting was the vendor that did the presentation. He was informative, hilarious and even referred to himself in the third person. Several of us joked afterwards that he reminded us of the classic Seinfeld episode.

Last night I got an email that our vendor friend had passed away from a sudden heart attack. I couldn’t believe it. I just kept thinking how quickly life can change. If you’re like me, maybe you don’t often think of life ending, except in the case of fear of a lengthy illness. If that was the case, we would hopefully have time to take care of things and say what we needed to say.

Three weeks ago this man was full of life. He had spent a majority of his career in the door hardware industry which is really not all of that exciting. He told great stories and had a laugh that filled the room. He glowed as he spoke of his son who was also in the same industry and how well he was doing in sales. None of us knew or imagined we wouldn’t see him again. We never anticipated that he would be gone suddenly and so soon.

I really didn’t know this man well. I spent a few hours listening to him in a conference room. I think the takeaway for me is that life is so brief. Our moments can be gone in a blink. How are we spending them? How do we invest in each relationship? How do we treat others and even a room full of strangers?

Our lives are but a quick moment. Things can change in a blink.

What coversations do you need to have today?

What things do you need to make right?

What things do you need to say?

Do it now.

Things can change in a blink.

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Help Fund Jon-Lorond Saves the Day

bcc7da601c0ae8e4fca2843d48de5cde_large2 years ago, I wrote a review of a film that was life changing called “Three Hearts.” Tonight I received an email from the man that directed that incredible film with a personal request for something near to his heart. Though I’ve never met Arthur, I can appreciate his desire to see the book “Jon-Lorond Saves The Day” launched on many levels. The author of this childrens book is his wife, Hanna. The book is inspired by their children. The message of the book is something any parent can share in as well. From Arthur:

We have partnered with an award winning illustrator, named Luke Flowers, whose work is just brilliant!

Would you please consider visiting the KickStarter Campaign and supporting this project. I would appreciate it and I know that Arthur and his wife Hanna would certainly appreciate it too.

For a video and full details on the project, please visit

Allstate Purple Purse

Allstate PURPLE-PURSE 2If you’ve been following the news or even ESPN, you have seen an increased discussion about domestic violence. With a recent number of high profile professional athletes being charged with domestic abuse, the issue has come to the front of many conversations. I was approached recently about sharing a post for the Allstate Foundation Purple Purse. Below are some very alarming statistics, resources and a way that you can get involved. I’m honored to share this message for Allstate and hope that it can help anyone who might feel trapped in an abusive relationship.

Allstate Foundation Purple Purse is making easier – even fashionable – to talk about domestic violence and the financial abuse that traps women in abusive relationships. The program ignites fundraising for more than 140 national, state and local domestic violence organizations. Funds raised will support life-changing financial empowerment services to help domestic violence survivors build safer lives for themselves and their families. Allstate Foundation Purple Purse aims to break the cycle of violence in our nation – one family at a time. Continue reading

Mesothelioma Awareness Day


I often get emails requesting my support for a certain cause or if I will write a guest post for a particular topic. A few weeks ago I received one and, after reading the personal story, I simply could not say “no.” I don’t know this family personally, but I am honored that they considered this piece of real estate on the internet worthy enough to raise awareness about something that hit very close to home for them. After reading their story of diagnoses and miraculous survival, I too wanted to join them in raising awareness.  Continue reading