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OBX Pool Fun

As I said throughout the week on twitter, we had loads of fun around the pool. Of all the video and “youtube moments” as we called them, these might be the best.


  1. That’s pretty good stuff right there. Perfect form with the pointed toes on the jump, but you just needed to keep your arms up in the air to see if you could have gone all the way through. :) Can’t wait to see how you got it off.

  2. I’m STILL wearing it Ha-Ha!!! I don’t think there is any chance I was getting all the way through that thing.

  3. That is hilarious. Great videos. I love the synchronization of the second one. I know I could not get my legs up that high. I’m impressed. :-)

  4. Thanks Bryan. I’m pretty sure I pulled something on that move. To quote Toby Keith…”I ain’t as good as I once was”.

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