The Now and The Not Yet

I’m probably aging myself a bit here, but way back in the day Amy Grant had a song that came to mind today. Maybe it is because if I had to give an assessment of where I am right now, it best describes the location, the feeling and the situation. Quite simply, I am at the intersection of “The Now and the Not Yet”. I’m interested to see if I am the only one that is standing at that intersection, or if we should build one of those “roundabouts” that have become so popular in the town I currently reside in. I could be wrong, but I have a feeling that we’re all living in a moment and searching for a time that is yet to come. Is it just me?

But Im caught in between
The now and the not yet;
Sometimes it seems like
Forever and ever,
That Ive been reaching to be
All that I am,
But Im only a few steps nearer,
Yet Im nearer…. (Amy Grant)

I have talked to so many people the past few weeks that are on a Journey. Some are selling a home with the intention of moving to a new place. Some are simply being obedient to a call they feel on their lives. Yet we wait. It has often been said that God answers prayer in three ways; “Yes”, “No” and “Wait”. It’s the third one that is the hardest to understand because it is not definitive. It is the third response that leaves us standing at the intersection of “The Now and The Not Yet”. It’s the place where we must discern our every response, activity and commitment since we don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

To quote Amy Grant again…”I’m only a few steps nearer, yet I’m nearer”. I’m nearer to the not yet, but living in the now….


A few weeks ago the family and I were on a road trip. The 80’s station on Sirius radio was the music of the moment and prompted the following discussion:

Me: “with a thrill in my head and a pill on my tongue” what do you think he meant by that?

(Through the radio comes the exact lyric I just quoted)

Heather: “You’re a freak”.

You see I have this sickness. Some people can memorize scripture. Others know history. I have this crazy ability to remember lyrics. Particularly from the 80’s. I can’t tell you what a congruent triangle is (I even had to look up the spelling), but I can sure tell you the next line that Spandau Ballet is going to sing. Fast forward to this past weekend and Heather, for reasons I cannot remember, brings up that lyric. I proceeded to put on an acappella performance of “True” by Spandau Ballet for the entire family.

The kids think know I am crazy now and we’re not allowed to ever go back to that McDonalds again. For all of you that are children of the 80’s too. I give you…”True”

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my wife Heather today. Brian Littrell sang it best……

“The Grace of My Life”
I lie awake so often at night
With something to read or something to write
In the silence my mind is free
To think of the ways that God has blessed me

It’s easy to see how He’s been so kind
Any proof I might need is right here by my side

You are the grace of my life
So tender, so undeserved
Hard to believe you’re my wife
Even harder to put what I feel into words
If I need evidence God is good
Just looking at you is enough
You are the grace of my life
For you grace my life with your love

Love that is pure, so faithful and strong
You forgive me when I do you wrong
I’ve seen in you time after time
A picture on earth of love so divine

Oh, I am amazed for how can it be
That someone like you would love someone like me

You are the grace of my life
So tender, so undeserved
Hard to believe you’re my wife
Even harder to put what I feel into words
If I need evidence God is good
Just looking at you is enough
You are the grace of my life
For you grace my life with your love

God is a DJ

I will admit that I draw inspiration from the most unlikely of places. Today’s wisdom comes from the artist known as “Pink”. Pretty interesting analogy. I can’t help but wonder what it means if you’re like me and have two left feet???

If God is a DJ
Life is a dance floor
Love is the rhythm
You are the music
If God is a DJ
Life is a dance floor
You get what you’re given
It’s all how you use it..

New Links

I have been on what I consider a “blog sabbatical” for a few weeks now. It has been a time of refreshment and recharging. It has also been a much needed time to re-evaluate some things. While I have been away, I have had the absolute honor and blessing of receiving three separate email opportunities to link to other blogs. Below are three new blogs that have extended to offer to exchange links and offerings to Arms Wide Open. I’m thankful that they found something of value here and were willing to pass it along. Check out these links when you get a chance. Bookmark them, RSS Feed them, or just visit them often. Thanks to Vanessa, Ryan and Jeff for the invitations. –  For those familiar with “Digg”, Jeff has put together a vision he has of a Christian “Digg” like site. It is a really neat vision and one that I believe God will bless. 

Wired For Sound – Vanessa is a PR contact for EMI CMG and has created Wired For Sound to provide you with the latest tools to help you blog about your favorite artists & their music. This is a great resource for any bloggers of Christian Music. – Ryan works for a Bible software company and has put together a directory of Bible related blogs. What is really neat is they are organized by State. They are just getting started, but this site is sure to grow.

Thanks to Jeff, Ryan and Vanessa for the offer to exchange links and feature our blogs. I’m honored to link arms on the web for Christ. 

When All is Said and Done

When the music fades into the past,
When the days of life are through,
What will be remembered of where I’ve come?
When all is said and done?

Will they say I loved my family?
That I was a faithful friend?
That I lived to tell of God’s own son?
When all is said and done.

Of how I long to see the hour,
When I would hear that trumpet sound.
I rise and see my Savior’s face,
And see him smile,
And say ‘Well done.’

You can forget my name
And the songs I’ve sung,
Every rhyme and every tune.
But remember the truth of Jesus’ love,
When all is said and done

When all is said and done.

-Geoff Moore

Sunday is Mother's Day

I.O.U by Jimmy Dean

You know most people look through their wallets or their pocket books and, way down at the bottom, past the credit cards and baby pictures, green stamps, you usually find a little ‘ol dog-eared piece of poetry. I was cleaning out my wallet the other day and ran across a whole bunch of I.O.U’s, some of ‘em thirty years overdue. The funny thing is that all these I.O.U’s are owed to one person and I kinda feel like right now might be a pretty good time for an accountin’.

Mom, you listenin’?

Mom, I.O.U. for so many things a lot of services, like nightwatchman for instance.
For lyin’ awake nights, listenin’ for coughs and cries and creakin’ floorboards, and me comin’ in too late. You had the eye of an eagle and the roar of a lion, But you always had a heart as big as a house.

I.O.U. for services as uh, short order cook, chef, baker
For makin’ sirloin out o’ hamburger an’ turkey out o’ tuna fish,
And two big ol’ strappin’ boys out of leftovers.

I.O.U. for cleanin’ services,
The daily scrubbing of face and ears all work done by hand.
And for the frequent dustin’ of a small boy’s pants to try to make sure that you led a spotless life. And for washin’ and ironin’ that no laundry could ever do. For dryin’ the tears of childhood and for ironin’ out the problems of growin’ up.

I.O.U. for services as a bodyguard,
For protectin’ me from the terrors of thunderstorms and nightmares
Hah, And too many green apples.

And Lord knows, I.O.U. for medical attention,
For nursing me through measles, mumps, bruises, bumps, splinters and spring fever.
Let’s not forget medical advice either, oh no, important things like, ‘Don’t scratch it or it won’t get well’ or ‘If you cross your eyes, they’re gonna stick like that’. And probably the most important of all was:
’Be sure you got on clean underwear boy, in case you’re in an accident’.

And I.O.U. for veterinarian services,
For feeding every lost dog that I dragged home at the end of the rope,
And for healing the pains of puppy love.

And I.O.U. for entertainment
Entertainment that kept the household goin’ during some pretty tough times
And for wonderful productions at Christmas, the Fourth of July and Birthdays
And for making make-believe come true on a very limited budget.

I.O.U. for construction work
for building kites and confidence, hopes and dreams an’ somehow you made them all touch the sky.
And for cementin’ a family together so it would stand the worst kind of shocks and blows
And for layin’ down a good strong foundation to build a life on.

I.O.U. for carrier charges
For carryin’ me on your books for the necessities of life that a growin’ boys just gotta have. Things like, a pair of high top boots, With a little pocket on the side for a jack-knife.

And one thing, Mom, I’ll will never ever forget
When there were two pieces of apple pie left and three hungry people, I noticed that you were the one who suddenly decided, you really didn’t like apple pie in the first place.

These are just a few of the things for which payment is long overdue..
The person that I owe ‘em to worked very cheap
She managed by simply doin’ without a whole lot o’ things that she needed herself

My I.O.U’s add up to much more than I could ever hope to repay,
But you know the nicest thing about it all is that I know, that she’ll mark the entire bill ‘Paid In Full’
For just one kiss and four little words….

Mom, I Love You!