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Have you been watching the NBA Finals? Even if you haven’t you’ve probably seen an unfamiliar name trending on twitter and featured in the highlights on ESPN. Former Tar Heel Danny Green is literally setting Finals records with a 3-point shooting display beyond imagination. He passed “being on fire” around game 3 and it now flat out getting buckets. Everyone is surprised….but me….and Danny Green. It’s been well documented, but Danny was… Read More

People used to laugh when I said Danny Green would have a nice NBA career. In case you haven’t noticed…he’s having a nice season. Dropped 20 on Lebron and the Heat last night.  (Source: http://www.youtube.com/)

Father Time is undefeated Charles Barkley

I’m a Cleveland guy. I grew up there and have cheered for the Cavs since the days of World B. Free. I celebrated through the years of Price, Daugherty andNance and cursed through the years of Shawn Kemp and Bobby Sura. So you can imagine the anxiety and concern that we are all going through with the circus that has become the Lebron James free agency. It should have never come to this. The very fact that… Read More

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