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When Mama’s Away….

My wife has been away this weekend with a friend that was speaking at a retreat. I’m glad she got the time away. Usually I am the one that jet sets all over the USA. I am not aware of any permanent damage to the kids, our van, or the house (yet). I am a bit unsure if ketchup comes out of clothes, so if you have any tips for washing, I would love to hear them. Below are some other lessons I have learned the past few days.

1. When the bell at school rings at 3:45, it’s a good idea to be on time.

2. Girls shoes and socks magically disappear around the same time you are supposed to be picking up your child from school (roughly 3:45)

3. Cold pizza and Dannon yogurt complete the food pyramid perfectly.

4. A babies cry comes roughly half way through a blog post.

5. It’s best to not leave those little white ketchup cups in front of an 18 month old child.

6. When a 3 year old drops said ketchup cup, and it lands on the floor, it will explode.

7. When going to see the Santa Maria in downtown Columbus, it’s best to follow the signs to get there. We walked roughly the entire route of the upcoming Columbus Marathon.

8. When parking in a garage, it’s best to have change for a 20 dollar bill. Oh, the self feeding machine will give change….Now I have 14 one dollar coins.

9. No one wants $1 coins.

10. When you have no hair yourself, doing the hair of your 2 little girls is next to impossible. (click picture to see what I mean)

11. Is it white shoes after Columbus day or Memorial day? Either way, they are wearing white shoes today!

12. You can tell if mama’s not home by the look and dress of the 3 children that daddy is taking care of while she’s gone.

13. “The Little Mermaid” on DVD will buy you roughly one hour to pick up and clean all evidence of your weekend events and menu choices.

Hurry home honey……..



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  • clay · October 11, 2006

    This “getting out of the pew” talk gets me nervous…or should I say convicted. I have enough trouble pulling over to help someone with a dead battery much less stepping into someone’s messy world where I might get mud on my cackies. Can’t I just pray for them… that would save us both a whole lot of trouble. Is my sarcasm adequately covering my conviction. Keep on pushing the line… for his name’s sake.

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