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Tough Little Boys

img_2500.JPGWhen tough little boys grow up to be dad’s, they turn into big babies again” – Gary Allan

I have blogged this process several times, but today was hopefully the beginning of the final chapter of “What Happens When Treadmills Attack”. For those that might have missed it, back in November, my 6 year old son got into a fight with the treadmill and needless to say, the treadmill won. He did some major damage to the “naughty” finger on his left hand. We thought it was going to be alright after the healing of the wound took place, but over the past few months, it literally took a turn.

Long story short, the tip of said finger has gradually been going further and further to the side. It didn’t hurt him, but it clearly was never meant to be like that. Several doctors, x-rays and consultations later and we arrived at the surgey to repair it this morning. I’m happy to report that, best we can tell, it was a success. We will know more in 4 weeks when they remove the pin, but with his age and the growing he has ahead of him, I think my little guys gonna be just fine.

I was once again reminded of my strongest weakness though. I’m good to go until something happens to one of my kids or my wife. If you want to see a guy lose it pretty quick, stand me next to my son in a hospital bed and watch the meltdown occur. Granted, it was only his finger, but man oh man, it puts things in perspective real quick.

Being that “the boy” is….a boy, I am sure this one of many injuries, scrapes, bumps and bruises. I guess I am the one that needs to toughen up a bit.


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  • Clay · March 21, 2007

    You’ve got a tough “little man” on your hands. Thanks for congrats on “trey”… we are excited and Christine is dreaming pink.

  • dragonmommie · March 21, 2007

    I always thought of myself with a tough skin, too. However, the minute I became a mother, all that changed. My son was 6 wks premature and every time I visited him in the NICU, all I could do was cry. The nurses were waiting for the day that I would be able to talk to him, but I never could. I could hold him and talk, but not without rampant sobbing.

    Now he is 2 years old and doing great. I, on the other hand, always find myself thinking that I am definitely not ready to leave this earth because I am the one who MUST raise him. Before, if anything had happened to me, I knew that my husband would survive somehow. But now, this little boy is in my life and I cling to life like never before. Conversely, I would die if something happened to him, as well. Hubby, too, but I would find the strength to be strong for my child.

  • shanebertou · March 22, 2007

    When my son was around one year old it was discovered that he had a clogged tear duct. They had to insert a tube in his eye to open it up. I hated the fact that they were going to have to use anesthesia to put him under.

    Then a couple months later the other eye did the same thing. They had to give him the gas a second time.

    Man that was tough. Even though it was a routine procedure, there’s still a small chance something could go wrong with the anesthesia. I hated that entire ordeal. I’m glad it’s over.

    But like you said. He’s a boy. I’m sure I’ve got about 14 more years of broken bones and stitches to look forward to.

  • Carol · March 23, 2007

    I can relate to how you feel…When our children are hurt or ill we just want to pick them up and hug them and take away their hurt….My eldest Daughter who is now 28…was born with a very rare dwarfism syndrome , so rare there have only been 9 cases in Australia….and also is was a recessive gene that both my husband and I carried we had a 25% chance of it reoccuring in any other pregnancy….You talked about your sons finger, part of my childs syndrome included extra fingers, and heart problems, knock knees, spinal too long a list to mention so so many operations… with all my childs surgeries we found the strength to carry on…and we were blessed to have two more children who were average kids…who also endured surgeries broken bones etc and the pain and anguish we felt as a parents was as every bit the same as what we went through with our eldest child endured….as parents we are tougher than you can ever imagine, we have to be, our children need us to be, however in saying this I have shed many many silent tears when any of my children have been hurt and even now that they are grown the parent in me hasn’t ceased I still feel anguish and pain for them when they are hurt or are suffering..My love is unconditional and this will go on forever..

  • Aaron · March 27, 2007

    Clay – congrats again on “trey”. You never know…

    Dragonmommie – Agreed 100%. God knows exactly which families to place his children.

    Shane – Incredible story. Makes a treadmill accident seem minor. Oh the stories we will have to tell at their graduation and wedding though!

    Carol – Thanks for your comment and your heart. While I don’t know if I will ever understand unconditional love completely, having children is a really good place to start.

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