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We Went to a Fight…

noHockey1 What an exciting evening this turned out to be! Stef and I went to a Fight and a Hockey game broke out! Actually it was the Columbus Blue Jackets vs. The Anaheim Mighty Ducks. This would be my first professional Hockey game and Stef even prepped me by sending some instructions.

We had a great time watching some fights, a little hockey and sharing stories. The Jackets lost the game, but we had some good laughs. I now know what a “blue line” is and can tell you that overtime ends when the first team scores.

Thanks to Stef for taking some time away from the family to invest in another brother. I’m a little more versed in hockey, and you now have a story to tell everyone keep in confidence regarding a certain Go Daddy domain purchase I once made (you had to be there….)!


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  • faithwalk · December 11, 2007

    I have just finished catching up on all your posts Aaron and want to say hello! I laughed at the BCS post, and remembered my first hockey game as I read this one; where we got to see one of the biggest fights of that years break out first on the rink, then amongst the players and coaches on the sidelines! It was all over the news.
    I am so glad you got to go with Stef too! ( and did you ever give him a hug for me? :-) )

    And I grieved with you over the loss of your friend, remembering when my very best friend Steve died when we were only 22. We just never know from one day to the next what it will hold. I pray that we will live each one to it’s fullest in the Lord Jesus.

    Thank you for praying for us, I’ve no new news yet on my sister, but will fill you in when there is some.

    May you and your precious family be blessed with an abundance of Jesus love, grace and joy!


  • Stef · December 11, 2007

    Yes, a great time was had last night. I promise to follow man rule #48, what is shared at a hockey game stays at the hockey rink!!!
    Thanks for your friendship, brother!!

  • Mary · December 11, 2007

    So can you tell me what icing is? I remember my first hockey game. We saw the Detroit Red Wings play the St. Louis Blues. It was awesome. We’ve had the opportunity to see the Red Wings play in Nashville and here in Columbus. Hopefully someday we get to see them at Joe Louis Arena.

  • Aaron · December 11, 2007

    Susan – Great to hear from you! I continue to pray for your friend and for the transition you are going through. I gave Stef a “man hug” :)

    Stef – Good call on the man rule.

    Mary – Isn’t icing what goes on a cake? Outside of that….not quite sure. I admit that I thought of Eric at the beginning when they did the video with the guy in the Red Wings gear.

  • MichaelConners · December 11, 2007

    Not commonly known… but I played hockey when I was a wee lad.

    It was the early 70’s and there were 3 ice rinks in town. The State Fairgrounds, OSU and where Riverside Methodist Hospital now has a storage/logistics facility at N. Broadway and 315.

    My younger brother and I played for the Columbus Coal and Lime Bruins. Great time, didn’t lose any teeth.

    The semi-pro team making a go of it at the time was the Columbus Golden Seals.

    AFAIK & OTTOMH, the hockey chronology in Columbus is as follows:

    Golden Seals
    Blue Jackets

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