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FREE Love!

Chris Tomlin Hello LoveFree “Hello Love” that is! My friends over at Wired For Sound and EMI have once again offered me the opportunity to give away Chris Tomlin’s latest CD. They were also kind enough to send me a copy for myself. I am rocking it right now as a matter of fact. On the heels of the number one hit “Jesus Messiah”, Chris Tomlin has released another classic. Of note for me are –

1. God of This City – Which will forever be linked to our recent move-not move-move-not move to Charlotte, North Carolina. It is such an amazing reminder that God is God no matter where you are. It reminds me that “Greater things have yet to come and greater things are still to be done in THIS city“!

2. I Will Rise – For any believer in Jesus Christ, this song is an incredible reminder of where we are headed and what is in store. Incredible, incredible song.

So who wants a copy? My friends at EMI have given me the pleasure of giving away one copy. So here’s the deal, I am looking for the person who can tell me the reason why you should be the one to receive this great CD. Leave a comment with the reasons why EMI should send it to you. We will decide on the winner and hook you up. Let the commenting begin!!


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Comments · 9

  • Joni · September 12, 2008

    Because I have $9 in my bank account until Monday and I love Chris Tomlin

  • mudpuppy · September 12, 2008

    Different angle here, but I’d say I need it because I passed up the opportunity to get a free copy and do a free giveaway on my blog. I just wasn’t feeling it this go around. Perhaps winning this one and listening to it would change my mind…


  • Jenny L. · September 12, 2008

    Well, I love Chris Tomlin and I could always use some new music!!! Plus, I’m always looking for new songs to play – now that I’m back into playing at church (after 8+ LONG years). God is good!
    Jenny L.

  • Brian · September 12, 2008

    I say give it to be because this would give me an opportunity to experience Chris Tomlin. I don’t have any of his CD’s. I really only know him by listening to you talk about him some times.

  • tara · September 12, 2008

    Because I need a bit of encouragement this week.. and God always encourages me through Chris Tomlin’s music.. and your blog!

  • Jessica · September 13, 2008

    I’m sorry, but I’d have to go w/ Joni’s answer! : )

    Chris Tomlin has certainly had the touch though, has he not? Everything he’s done has just been amazing.
    I just thought ‘God of This City’ was the best until I heard ‘Jesus Messiah’! Both are just truly incredible. Would love to check out the rest…

  • MichaelConners · September 13, 2008

    Here are some reasons why I should get the Chris Tomlin CD…

    1) I’m not at all familiar with Chris Tomlin

    2) I may or may not like his music

    3) I don’t deserve the CD at all

    4) EMI would have an opportunity to increase Tomlin’s fan base as opposed to giving it to an existing fan.

    5) There is no #5.

  • Mary · September 13, 2008

    My vote is for Joni. Been there done that. Although, the last “There is no #5.” is pretty good too. You’ve got your hands full making a decision. “What number am I holding up behind my back?”

  • Sue · September 13, 2008


    Why should I be the one to receive the free Chris Tomlin CD?

    Because I’m honest enough to admit that I love Chris Tomlin and I just want the cd! That’s all, that’s it!

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