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Nothing Is Impossible

So often our lives, or moments of our lives can be defined by music. I think that is why I love it so much. If I hear certain songs I can take you to a specific time, place, moment, event or memory. I have hundreds. On Sunday, as we made the final turn and the finish line was in sight, the song below came on my iPod. With the emotions already spent, used up and spilled out,  I couldn’t have chosen a better song at that very moment.

While the controversy surrounding the song “Healer” by Hillsong United was well documented, I will always believe the hand that penned these lyrics was inspired by God. There is too much truth, hope, strength, encouragement and worship in it to believe otherwise. As we neared the finish line and my strength was no longer my own, my thoughts were of my children. It was at that moment that I heard their cheers and saw their faces. The words streaming through the iPod sang “Nothing is impossible for you, you hold my world in your hands“.  Take a few minutes to listen to this song and read the lyrics. Thank you Lord for a moment made for worshiping and a song to match that moment.



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  • Jenny L. · May 20, 2009

    Wow – You’re not going to believe this but – that song was on my ipod list on Saturday the last stretch of my (very short compared to yours) race. I added it to my playlist at the last minute Saturday before I left and had all but forgotten where it was on my song list until it started playing. Controversy aside, it is a very powerful song! Jesus You’re all I need!
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Aaron · May 20, 2009

    Thanks Jenny. That is crazy! Truth be told on my part, I added it to my playlist before I left too. I didn’t know how long the marathon would take me so I added a bunch of music in case it took a long time. Also random shuffled my usual playlist to mix it up a bit. I had no idea what song was coming next. The other weird part is that I actually hit forward once during the race. If I had not done that, I would have finished to a different song all together. What an amazing song to hear at that moment. It took all I had to not get all emotional.

    So proud that you finished the Susan Komen! Heather said it was an amazing and beautiful experience. Thank YOU for sharing!

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