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Sermon Notes



I didn’t forget about this weeks “Sermon Notes”. Actually, I didn’t have any. Don’t tell anyone, but my wife and I didn’t actually attend a Church on Sunday. We arrived home rather late on Saturday night from the wedding I was in and our kids were out of town. We took the opportunity to catch up on some much needed rest. The following conversation took place Sunday evening:

The Boy – “Where did you go to Church this morning?”

Me – “Mom and I went to Bedside Baptist Church. Pastor Pillow preached.”

The Boy – (Blank Stare)

My Wife – “Do you get it?”

The Boy – “No.”

Your turn – What were they preaching where you attended church yesterday morning?


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  • jessica1150 · July 27, 2009

    Oh, good! I was hoping you hadn’t forgotten!
    It’s actually motivated me to go rummaging through all mine from the past 4 years and see what I come back across!! And to change up my own blog and get it back going again. Kickin’ it off with the Sermon Notes idea! Such a good idea to get to share in everyone’s lessons every week!
    You know it’s funny about the Bedside Baptist thing. I just read somewhere yesterday (don’t remember where??) that they would call their bed The Word… that way they could say they were home in The Word. :)

  • Chrystie · July 27, 2009

    I wasn’t in church yesterday either. Our small group went to the beach together. The ladies and men split up on Saturday and had an accountability session and some group prayer time. It was awesome! I will post my sermon notes on here from two weeks ago as soon as I get home!

  • Mike · July 27, 2009

    Did you see Deacon Sheets there yesterday? He and I are very close…

  • chrystiecole · July 28, 2009

    Ok, here we go. Two Sundays ago was Psalm 24:

    * Worship is the act of assigning ultimate value to something with our mind, will and emotion

    * When we are not worshipping God, it is because something else is occupying our mind, will and emotion

    * We are all worshipping something. We are either worshipping creation or the Creator.

    * The when/if question is an indicator of where my heart is (ex. I will be happy when… or If I had…then I would be happy)

    * We always give ultimate value to something in our lives

    * True worship is pulling our affection off of those lesser things and putting it back on God

    * We may not worship physical idols like the Israelites, but we practice soul idolatry (bowing down before things in our souls) We are practicing spiritual adultery

    * To worship like a Psalmist there are 3 key ingredients:
    1) We must have an attitude of reverence or awe
    2) We must have an attitude of humility
    3) We need the ability to see what is real, but unseen to us right now (imagination, faith). Has the King of Kings captured my imagination?

    Verse 4 (“Only those whose hands and hearts are pure, who do not worship idols and never tell lies”) This verse addresses our thoughts, motives and hearts. Pure hands = everything I do. Pure hearts = my motive. Pure actions can be ruined by impure hearts.

    Verse 4 rules us out. This is Jesus!

    * The Israelite’s idols were eventually their undoing. A lesson we need to learn from them.

    * Idols slowly eat away at our true worship of God

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