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Hoop Dream


WOW! That was great. I type this as I am driving back from Indianapolis, Indiana (don’t try this at home) where I just played 2 hours of pickup basketball at the NBA home of the Indiana Pacers, Conseco Fieldhouse. The entire thing was a blessing and a bit surreal. It is also another check mark off of my ever growing “Bucket List“.

A total of 18 strangers were invited by the Pacers to spend the two hours living a dream (“d-plane, d-plane”). My squad was pretty strong considering we had never played together. We won our first three games, lost one and won the last two. My dream had the added bonus of connecting on one of my two Three Point attempts from “downtown” (the other was a big ol’ air ball).

My stat sheet was pretty full with a few rebounds, steals, assists, one blocked shot and (gulp) a few turnovers. The best stat is that nothing got pulled, sprained, strained or broken! My 15 year old Tar Heel Nikes even held together after a long lay over on our closet floor. All kidding aside, this was a great memory and I can’t thank the Pacers enough.

Gotta get back to driving now….

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  • Rindy Walton · August 14, 2009

    Excellent!! That is very cool!!

  • Amanda Ragan · August 14, 2009

    You built up such anticipation on shoes that are almost as old as I am and then the picture you post of the big day doesn’t even show the shoes! For shame! 🙂

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