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A Night To Remember!

Theboy jumbotron

Wow. Alright, let me just get the only bad part of the our Opening Night visit to Conseco Field House for the Pacers game out of the way…Tyler Hansbrough (the reason we got the tickets) did not dress. Well, he was dressed, but it was a suit and dress shoes. His bad shin is “this close” to being ready to play. While that was a bit of a buzz kill, it did not put a damper on a great, great night for “the boy” and I. I couldn’t even make this up, check this out….

1. He got on the jumbotron (pictured above with me beside him taking the picture).

2. He got a ball when they were throwing them out during a time out

3. He got another pacer jersey when they were throwing them out during a different time out.

4. He got sat on by the mascot

5. NBA Legend Larry Bird was in the house…and my friend Jeff pointed out that we had better seats!

The Pacers didn’t bring home the victory, but man that was a lot of fun. We got there just in time for tip off and were sitting right behind the cameramen on the baseline the entire game. At one point, Jermaine O’Neal came right at us for a loose ball. He landed in the empty seat beside me but did step on my camera in the process. No harm done though. He even said “you okay”?

Could you imagine explaining that warranty claim? “See I was sitting in the front row at this NBA game and a player stepped on it….” Right…

Anyway, “The Boy” was star struck at Dwayne Wade, Michael Beasley, Mario Chalmers, Danny Granger and, of course, Larry Bird. You can actually see us on the game highlights on The best views are at the :43, 1:36 and 1:47 marks. We’re by the “I” in Indiana on the baseline. The video is (HERE). ┬áIt was definitely a night we will remember. We’ve got 2 more dates circled on our Pacers calendar right now. November 20th and January 29th. Both games are against the Cavs. More to come on that.

Here are just a few of the many, many pictures I took.



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  • Michael · October 31, 2009

    I am so proud to see you cheering for a real team now! I know that after you have checked out the Colts, IU basketball, Indy 500 racing, and Notre Dame football, you will have a hard time not jumping on the “fanwagon” with us other “displaced” Hoosiers…

  • Rindy Walton · November 1, 2009

    What an awesome night!!! I can just hear him telling his grandkids now… ;-)

  • Aaron · November 1, 2009

    It was great fun. People are asking him about it wherever we go around here.

    Mike – We were walking home from school on Friday before we left and he asked how long it would take to get there. When I told him he said “I wish we lived closer”. After a short pause I said “be careful what you wish for….”. He paused for a minute and said “I wish it didn’t take so long to get there.” It was funny.

    The Pacers are high on his list now too. Maybe next time we’ll see Tyler play.

  • Rob Mulvaney · November 2, 2009

    Seriously…how does Korbini show up to an NBA game…sit baseline and wear a Duke pull-over with an OSU hat? Was he getting ready for the ACC-Big 10 ‘wardrobe’ challenge?

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