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Fast Car and Man Cards

Last night we were returning home from dinner and a local station played one of my all-time favorite songs…”Fast Car” by Tracy Chapman. It had just started as we pulled into our development so I literally sat in the driveway singing along until it was over. It was like listening to a baseball game and not wanting to miss the last out. At least that is what I am telling myself this morning.

According to Urban, a Man Card Violation is defined as the following:

Any action that implies effeminate, unmanly behavior or characteristics as opposed to stereotypical masculine ones.

I’m not sure where the great Tracy Chapman, or the timeless song “Fast Car” falls into that, so here are a few reasons why I feel this was NOT a violation.

  1. Tracy Chapman has dreadlocks.
  2. Fast cars are manly so singing about them is too
  3. I have GREAT memories around that song and that entire CD from the late 80’s.
  4. Daughtry sang this song in a concert once with Kelly Clarkson
  5. Daughtry has sideburns, a shaved head and sings rock-n-roll too

I’ll leave it up to you. You can vote in the comments if I am in violation of my Man Card or not. If so, it won’t be the first or last time I am sure. Have a great weekend! (I should earn extra credit for wishing you a great weekend too)

YOUR TURN: Was this a Man Card Violation or not?



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Comments · 10

  • Belinda Belle · June 11, 2010

    I vote “NO”!

  • Aaron Conrad · June 11, 2010

    Thanks Belinda! I knew I could count on you. :) (I did just use an emoticon which might be a violation as well).

  • Darren W Carter · June 11, 2010

    Only because you make a compelling argument. We will let this one slide :)

  • Aaron Conrad · June 11, 2010

    Thanks Darren. Seeing that you used a smiley too cancels out my violation in the previous comment. Good to know the man card is still in tact!

  • Michael · June 11, 2010

    What?!?!? Tracy Chapman’s not a man?!?!?

    My mind is officially blown. I always thought his her deep earthy alto voice sounded a bit feminine albeit grazed and breathy. But wow… finding out he’s she’s a woman changes everything.

    I too am guilty of enjoying this powerful melody. It gives me goosebumps every time I hear it — even to this day.

    With that said let it be known that I got no plans and I ain’t going nowhere so take your fast car and keep on driving.

    Man card intact sir. Man card intact.

  • Aaron Conrad · June 11, 2010

    Michael – That is HILARIOUS! The entire CD gave me goosebumps. She never duplicated that success on future offerings, but that first one was amazing. Err, well, not that I listened to it a lot…or…um…that’s what I heard at least…

    I am reminded that she did a duet with Clapton for “Crossroads” once which also makes her Man Card exempt.

  • David · June 11, 2010

    Dude…I was gonna vote “No” until you threw down the smiley…that’s been a no-no since the AC180 days!

    But, since I’ve been known to cry watching chick-flicks, the card is yours!

    David (in Texas)

  • Aaron Conrad · June 11, 2010

    Very true on the smiley. At least I didn’t say “LOL”. That would have been a double whammy. We don’t even want to start down the path of chick-flicks or I might never get that card back.

  • twistedxtian · June 11, 2010

    I’m not sure If I’m even allowed to vote as my man card was recently suspended for enjoying Glee and crying during Grey’s Anatomy, but I’m going to vote no. :) lol (i figure i’m allowed to use emoticons and lol’s since my card has been suspended)

  • Aaron Conrad · June 11, 2010

    Twisted –

    Based on what you said, have they given you a time limit as to how long yours will be suspended? While I have personally never seen Glee or Grey’s Anatomy, I do see that enough dudes are watching Glee that you were probably alright. I’m not sure how long it takes to get the card back but hopefully yours will return soon. Just watch a Clint Eastwood Marathon or Spike TV all day this weekend and you will be well on your way.

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