Where We Are

The other day one of my daughters and I were talking politics over dinner. She was asking a lot of questions and I was doing my best to give answers. I mean, how do you explain where we are right now? I am not sure many adults can understand it, let alone children. So, here was my answer…..

I love Nike. I have worn Nike for as long as I can remember. I begged my parents for them when I was a teen and I have shelled out the money for them in my adult years. My kids all wear Nike. I like them. I like how they fit my feet. I like the look, the feel, the style and the variety.

Until the last few years.

While I still like Nike, there have been times when they weren’t comfortable. They didn’t feel right. They were downright ugly.

So because we live in a country where I can look at other options, lets just say there is only one other shoe company out there. Let’s use Crocs (for examples sake). Let’s say I am a the store and right next to the Nike I’m not sure I like there is a pair of Crocs.

Crocs have never been a shoe I liked. They aren’t practical for what I would need them for. They look uncomfortable. There are a lot of people that like them. No matter what I think, people are free to choose them. There is nothing I liked about that shoe. It goes against everything I look for in a shoe.

But it is the only other option next to the Nike that is currently uncomfortable and ugly.

So do I buy the Nike and hope that the same fit, comfort and everything I have liked for as long as I can remember will be right again? Do I hope that Nike gets their act together and returns to where they have been in the past? Do I ignore what they look like? Do I ignore that they’re uncomfortable? Do I buy the Crocs I know don’t click a single box for things I like?

Welcome to 2020.

*Note – this is no review of Nike or Crocs whatsoever. Simply an analogy that helped my simple mind process the decision before us. Also, I am not here to debate politics. Please refrain from arguing or leaving your political side in the comments. There are plenty of other social media sites for that.

3 thoughts on “Where We Are

  1. Aaron- I encourage you to watch this video. https://nam12.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=https%3A%2F%2Furldefense.proofpoint.com%2Fv2%2Furl%3Fu%3Dhttps-3A__eur02.safelinks.protection.outlook.com_-3Furl-3Dhttps-253A-252F-252Fwww.youtube.com-252Fembed-252FYjntXYDPw44-26data-3D02-257C01-257C-257C3194f17523a444c7351408d8188a14d4-257C84df9e7fe9f640afb435aaaaaaaaaaaa-257C1-257C0-257C637286328613711275-26sdata-3DfBB8jVp6h0E54Y85pP5-252Fu2705G3RtOEkp6XT2lhueio-253D-26reserved-3D0%26d%3DDwMFaQ%26c%3D8KPF0bmfmkzTkgg5U6HWH6_UmzF06L2ZWAVixC1qC44%26r%3D-LL2wFlNMzdvpVqaeUE3BD5dERNGMtn_Y37spFSfCIM%26m%3DGu5sEqsydrZbzbVA1IFmBR3Io5zm20BNc01g97dlNdo%26s%3DQT1J168kf-DR0yrjC5OYaUmIww35OnH6zqeTDMZ0_qU%26e%3D&data=02%7C01%7C%7C947b54e77f574f40787708d8359a4831%7C84df9e7fe9f640afb435aaaaaaaaaaaa%7C1%7C0%7C637318284028501800&sdata=soQTfN5t21AUPBrQ80VZ0x111ds0emdWjg51AQiIeOk%3D&reserved=0

    I enjoy your blog. You truly give a fresh voice and vision to fatherhood. I respectfully disagree with your analogy between shoes and politics. Shoes are based on our own individual taste and comfort. Politics, on the other hand, are based on what’s best for us collectively, as a nation, which no longer seems to rest on the notion of “Under God.” Teach your children to put their faith In God; not people. And to also show respect for our leaders regardless of their personal like or dislike of them . Just as you would do with their teacher. God bless!

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