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Where We Are

The other day one of my daughters and I were talking politics over dinner. She was asking a lot of questions and I was doing my best to give answers. I mean, how do you explain where we are right now? I am not sure many adults can understand it, let alone children. So, here was my answer…..

I love Nike. I have worn Nike for as long as I can remember. I begged my parents for them when I was a teen and I have shelled out the money for them in my adult years. My kids all wear Nike. I like them. I like how they fit my feet. I like the look, the feel, the style and the variety.

Until the last few years.

While I still like Nike, there have been times when they weren’t comfortable. They didn’t feel right. They were downright ugly.

So because we live in a country where I can look at other options, lets just say there is only one other shoe company out there. Let’s use Crocs (for examples sake). Let’s say I am a the store and right next to the Nike I’m not sure I like there is a pair of Crocs.

Crocs have never been a shoe I liked. They aren’t practical for what I would need them for. They look uncomfortable. There are a lot of people that like them. No matter what I think, people are free to choose them. There is nothing I liked about that shoe. It goes against everything I look for in a shoe.

But it is the only other option next to the Nike that is currently uncomfortable and ugly.

So do I buy the Nike and hope that the same fit, comfort and everything I have liked for as long as I can remember will be right again? Do I hope that Nike gets their act together and returns to where they have been in the past? Do I ignore what they look like? Do I ignore that they’re uncomfortable? Do I buy the Crocs I know don’t click a single box for things I like?

Welcome to 2020.

*Note – this is no review of Nike or Crocs whatsoever. Simply an analogy that helped my simple mind process the decision before us. Also, I am not here to debate politics. Please refrain from arguing or leaving your political side in the comments. There are plenty of other social media sites for that.


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