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Welcome Back?

Wow it has been a minute hasn’t it? Let me begin by thanking you for sticking with me over the many years of this blog. Depending on how long you have been following, you may have literally watched my kids grow up digitally. “The Boy” is now in college, “Princess 1.0” is in her senior year and “Princess 2.0” is in her sophomore year. We now have 4 drivers in the house and soon will have 5. I’m sure I don’t need to remind you all how quickly time flies. 

You may wonder where this is coming from after the past few years. One thing Covid gave each of us was time and perspective. Now that my kids are older I have at least a few more minutes on my hands. I’ve decided to restore the blog and put some content back on the interwebs. 

Where have I been?
I’m sure you are wondering where I have been the past few years. Posts have been few and far between. The truth is I needed to step away. I needed a chance to step into what I preached and that was family. The clay on my kids lives is drying a bit more each day. I wanted to focus on what was the most important. 

Why now?
I think we might all agree that the world is just crazy right now. The last thing we need is one more voice in the crowd and yet maybe we need one more voice in the crowd. Maybe we need more conversations. Maybe we need to hear from people like you and I that are doing great things in the world. We’re constantly bombarded with the negative. There are so many positives in this world. Everyday people doing extraordinary things. Changing the world and their circle of influence. 

What’s ahead?
I am already working on a list of great conversations I can’t wait to have and record. I’m going to be introducing you to some of the people I mentioned above through recorded zoom calls. I plan on continuing reviews, posts and the other random things as normal but I am most excited about the conversations. This week I am kicking it off with 2 former professional athletes and their head coach. We’re going to talk about race and sports in America. Look for that post soon. Here’s just a few of the interviews that are coming soon….

Zoom call with former Columbus Destroyers – Race in America
Zoom call with Justin Brown – Leadership and Staying the Course
Zoom call with Marcus Williams – Former OSU Buckeye and my personal trainer

Thank you again for being a loyal follower all these years. I don’t know what the future holds but I look forward to sharing it with you in my little corner of the internet. God bless. 



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