Unscripted with Scott Zerkle

One of the more informative Unscripted interviews I have done since starting this podcast. Scott Zerkle is the owner, founder and chief college planning advisor for College Funding Solutions of Ohio, LLC. I met Scott a few years ago when we realized we were in no way prepared for college financial planning. In this interview, we talk about our story as well as the many ways that College Funding Solutions can assist regular families just like ours. I appreciate his help with our planning and the time he took to join me for this interview. It is worth the time to hear how he may be able to help you with planning too.


College Funding Ohio – https://collegefundingohio.com

Contact – 614-889-8043

W. Scott Zerkle is the owner, founder and chief college planning advisor for College Funding Solutions of Ohio, LLC.  Scott has a background as an independent financial adviser, as owner of Zerkle Financial Services, LLC, and has been in the financial industry since 1999. Scott is a trained “SET for College Advisor” in Strategic Education Technologies, a financial aid consultant, and has been recognized since 2010 as one of the nation’s top College Planners.  He is a member and participant with the nationally acclaimed College Planning Network, and both of his businesses are proud members of the Better Business Bureau.

Scott also combines his training in College funding and financial planning with a legal and tax background, having graduated from The Ohio State University College of Law in 1995. He graduated with his undergraduate degree from Wittenberg University (B.A. ’92).

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