Unscripted with Christopher Greco

Adversity. If there was one word for this year that isn’t Covid, it would likely be adversity. My guest on episode number 52 of #Unscripted is Author, Leader, visionary, multiple triathlete, father, husband and CEO Christopher Greco His story of facing adversity at a very young age to the many ways he has worked to overcome it is inspiring. Not only has he overcome adversity, he now shares with the world how you can too.

In his new book, “8 Steps To Overcome Everyday Adversity” Christopher shares the real and practical ways we can begin to take on the challenges that each of us face. No matter what those challenges are. The book even includes space to write and reflect as you take this journey through its pages. What an honor to speak to Christopher today and have him share his story. You can find his book on Amazon (link below) or his personal website. This is the way to start a new year, a new chapter and a new you. Thank you Christopher. It was such an honor!


Christopher Greco Website – https://www.christophergreco.org/

Amazon – https://www.amazon.com/8-Steps-Overcoming-Everyday-Adversity/dp/1951591275/

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