I Still Believe – Movie Review

Right about the time that this ol’ blog got started, an artist named Jeremy Camp was just coming on the scene. In some odd way, Jeremy’s career and this blog have grown up together. I have let this site go somewhat dormant while Jeremy’s incredible career continues on. In my imaginary “soundtrack of life,” songs […]

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Remembering Mom

*Repost from May, 2016 I was standing in the grocery store a few minutes ago, looking at Mother’s Day cards. What a sobering moment that turned out to be. Tomorrow, I will pause to reflect and remember my mom. Maybe you too will “celebrate” their life while mourning the loss. When I returned home, I […]

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6 Things My Kids Need For School

Here we are again. Where did the summer go? Maybe you’re getting ready to send your first-born off to school. You might be sending your oldest to college. Maybe you home school and you’re ramping up for another year. Wherever this post finds you, I thought I might share the 6 things that I firmly […]

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Inputs and Outcomes

I shared in my last post that I am leaving one company and joining another one. I also shared that this is a difficult transition because I hold my current CEO in the highest regard. He is a man of incredible integrity. He’s a tremendous leader, husband and father to 5 girls. Sitting at his […]

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There’s This Guy…..

Sunday after Sunday, I have had the same thought. Sunday after Sunday, I forget to put it into words. This morning I reminded myself as I was taking notes in church by writing three simple words…. “There’s This Guy….” There’s this guy at our church… There is this guy at our church that inspires me […]

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