When We Come Out Of This

How we doing? For so many with high anxiety, depression and general fears, this is so hard. There’s no end date. We don’t know the outcome. We’re facing something we’ve never seen before. Businesses small and large are facing challenges they never predicted. Can I offer a word of encouragement and maybe a charge for […]

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This Time

I’m not sure about anyone else that reads this, but so often lately I have found myself out of bandwidth. There’s only so much time in a day. With “the boy” graduating and off to college and Princess 1.0 not doing a winter sport, you would think I’d have more available time. Actually, I think […]

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Responsible vs Accountable

A few years ago I was invited to a select training for future leaders of the organization I was a part of. We spent an entire week at our Corporate Headquarters learning what it took to succeed in leadership not only within our billion dollar organization, but anywhere you may find yourself in a leadership […]

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You’re Ready. I’m Not

I can’t lie, this has been one of the harder posts for me to write. 18 years. It went by way too fast. Wasn’t I just watching Barney more times than I can count? Weren’t we just rushing out the door because “Clifford The Big Red Dog” was on TV meaning we were late to […]

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