• A Little Motivation

    You know I love me some Tar Heels. Don’t let your loyalty to a team keep you from clicking on this video. Listen to the words and tell me you’re […]

  • Review – I’ve Got Your Back

    A few months ago I received a copy of the new book by James C. Galvin called “I’ve Got Your Back” to review. Due to several busy seasons of life, […]

  • Blurred Lines

    http://youtu.be/YOZjaqHioro Who else had a Casio Keyboard? This is brilliant.

  • Matthew West (Do Something)

    I woke up this morning Saw a world full of trouble now Thought, how’d we ever get so far down How’s it ever gonna turn around So I turned my […]

  • Turn The Page

    In August of 2012, I got caught up in a 26 million dollar “Reduction in Workforce.” After 13 years with the same employer, climbing that Corporate Ladder, I was informed […]

  • Even So….

    Based on my blog dashboard, more than a few of you just found out what I covered yesterday and it obviously left a lot of questions. For 6 weeks, I […]

  • Beat State!

  • Dad Life

  • Erwin McManus

    All of us pass a bit of ourselves onto others. You better like who you are and make what you give to others from yourself a gift and not a […]

  • Love Does

    What I realized, though, is that all I really needed to know when it came down to it was the direction I was pointing and that I was somewhere inside […]

  • Fifteen

    Tonight I was scanning twitter and read something that made me literally sick. While we could debate all day about the morning after pill, for some reason, that number is […]

  • Review – Hey God, Ive Got Some Guy Named Jonah In My Stomach

    Creative. Hilarious. Brilliant. It’s that simple. I recently received a new children’s book called  “Hey God, I’ve Got Some Guy Named Jonah in My Stomach and I Think I’m Gonna […]

  • RIP George Jones

    http://youtu.be/dY8S-MZxyzY Rest in peace George Jones.

  • Review – Can’t Wait Willow

    I always find these review opportunities to be a bit priceless. The latest, “Can’t Wait Willow” by Christy Ziglar, was again a chance to get my daughters all excited to […]

  • Embracing Your Two Point O.

    Have you ever quit a dream job? Ever get let go from a job? Ever end a relationship or quit training for something only to regret or miss it after […]

  • Bob Goff (Love Does)

    I’ve always wanted my kids to know that they were included in important things, that they belonged there, that they were invited.

  • Astroid Survival Guide

    I heard there was an astroid passing uncomfortably close to earth today. Here’s you survival guide just in case.

  • 15 Years Ago….

    15 years ago… We said “I do” and we closed the evening dancing to this song….. I had no idea I would love this woman like I do. I didn’t […]

  • Newest Cavalier

    Man this guy is going to look great in a Cavalier uniform next year. Go Cavs! Go Heels! Go America!

  • The Hurt and The Healer

    It’s the moment when humanity Is overcome by majesty When grace is ushered in for good And all our scars are understood When mercy takes its rightful place And all […]

  • Coming Tuesday

    Can’t WAIT. Thousand Foot Krutch is dropping “The End Is Where We Begin” on Tuesday and it is fantastic. Been a while since their last release but the wait was […]

  • Someone Like You

    One of the highlights of last nights concert. Filmed somewhere else but he did the same thing.

  • Memories


    Another great time with "the boy". Jason Aldean can sure put on a show.

  • Random Thoughts

    Ever since the announcement on Sunday that Kendall Marshall had broken his wrist, I’ve been noodling on several different thoughts. Below are just a few of them as we move […]

  • #Swag (Taken with instagram) (Source: http://instagr.am/p/IRmOvfso7J/)

  • Back to Back. 


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