• Unscripted with Cammi Prantl

    This Unscripted One on One is with my close family friend, my assistant by day and OSU Softball Volunteer Coach Cammi Prantl. Cammi is a former OSU Softball player and current volunteer coach at Ohio State.

  • Unscripted with Coach Tim Congrove

    In this podcast we discuss the incredible 2018-2019 season with a team that had 10 seniors. Rebuilding the next season and look ahead at a preview for this upcoming season.

  • Unscripted with Zach Fleer

    Zach Fleer who is the co-founder to 270 Hoops. Zach is the Co-Owner of 270Hoops, Director of 270 Hoops Fall League, The Intro and 270 Hoops Battle for the City. He is a husband and believer.

  • Unscripted with The Columbus Destroyers

    We discussed some important topics and still found a way to smile.

  • Discussing Race, Sports and America

    We discussed some important topics and still found a way to smile.

  • Multi-Sport Athletes By Emma Conrad

    “Hey dad, can you read my essay?” That’s the words I heard. When I read it I could not be more proud of Princess 1.0. THAT and it’s my blog […]

  • What I’ll Miss The Most

    I see you travel baseball mom and dad. I’ve been there. You’re currently in that 2-3 week insanity that starts about a week or two before the season ends. Maybe […]

  • Especially When They Don’t

    We’re nearing the finish line. A marathon summer of insanity. I know you’re thinking it. I’ve even thought it. Why in the world do you do that? Why does your […]

  • It Takes a Village

    I used to hate this time of year. If you’re the parent of a travel baseball player, you know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s that time of year when […]

  • Why Grown Men Cried

    It’s been over 24 hours now. My wife is probably glad I’ll quit talking about if he will or if he won’t return. I wanted to write this yesterday but […]

  • Storming The Court

    Last night UNC beat duke in the first of their two meetings this season. It was a great game and the rivalry never disappoints. Immediately following the game, the fans […]

  • College Hoops

    College Hoops teams can begin practicing today so I’m all like this….

  • Kinda Like Camelot

    I love this town. Last night around 9:45 I was less than pleased. Chris Perez had just blown a critical save for the Indians…..again. With so much riding on every […]

  • What Danny Green Can Teach Us

    Have you been watching the NBA Finals? Even if you haven’t you’ve probably seen an unfamiliar name trending on twitter and featured in the highlights on ESPN. Former Tar Heel […]

  • 1000 Words

  • Embracing Your Two Point O.

    Have you ever quit a dream job? Ever get let go from a job? Ever end a relationship or quit training for something only to regret or miss it after […]

  • Season Highlights

  • My 2013 Tournament Predictions

    You have no idea how much this sickens me. Honestly. For a guy that bleeds Carolina Blue, it was very difficult to fill out this bracket. But it is that […]

  • Make it Rain, Wayne

    I love seeing this guy in a Cavaliers uniform! One of my top 10 favorite Tar Heels making an impact. Sometimes you just need the right system. Lord knows he’s […]

  • An Evening With The Boy

    On Saturday night, “The Boy” and I again had the opportunity to attend a Cleveland Indians game in the Social Media Suite. If you’re not familiar, the Cleveland Indians grabbed […]

  • My Dude

    The following is an Austin Conrad production. Written, produced, created by and starring Austin Conrad. Well done dude. All we have to do now is sit back and watch the […]

  • I’m also an agent

    In all the books I’ve ever read about fatherhood, I have yet to find one that listed “agent” as one of the duties. Maybe the world has changed and evolved […]

  • When It Was Just A Game

    We didn’t have “flat bills”. We folded ours and put them in our back pocket. Our hats weren’t fitted. They were mesh in the back and had snaps to make […]

  • Ladies and Gentleman, Brian Roberts

    Great interview here with former Tar Heel and MLB player Brian Roberts. Special shout out to all the free advertising my employer also gets during this clip….

  • The Program

    PHILADELPHIA – In 2000, three janitors at the football building at Pennsylvania State University saw Jerry Sandusky engaged in activities that one said he found more upsetting than the worst […]

  • With Grace

    We just got done watching the Olympic Qualifying coverage on NBC. The Olympics are always a great inspiration and carry incredible story lines of courage, perseverance, failure and achievement. Now […]

  • Tyler Zeller is Second

    I’m not going to lie, I’m still pretty cheesed that the Cavs totally dropped the ball last night in not drafting Harrison Barnes. Obviously I am biased. I bleed Carolina […]

  • Number 84

    Caught this video last night. Well done Dick’s Sporting Goods. Well done.


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