Why Grown Men Cried

It's been over 24 hours now. My wife is probably glad I'll quit talking about if he will or if he won't return. I wanted to write this yesterday but this is my first chance to get enough time to put it all into words. Before I really get into it, I need to unpack [...]

Storming The Court

Last night UNC beat duke in the first of their two meetings this season. It was a great game and the rivalry never disappoints. Immediately following the game, the fans "stormed the court." As soon as ESPN cut to the highlights of the game, they began to question if this should have been done. This, [...]

Brian Barbour

In reality the Carolina Way has always been about how Carolina played the game. It was about the effort players bring, playing as a team and executing the system. It was never about winning. Winning is merely the happy consequence of playing the game as closely to those values as possible. (Source)

Kinda Like Camelot

I love this town. Last night around 9:45 I was less than pleased. Chris Perez had just blown a critical save for the Indians.....again. With so much riding on every win and loss at this point in the season, our beloved Indians cannot afford to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. It doesn't help [...]

I’m also an agent

In all the books I've ever read about fatherhood, I have yet to find one that listed "agent" as one of the duties. Maybe the world has changed and evolved since those books were written. Maybe it's just our town, but based on what I'm hearing, it's everywhere. It's a little crazy, but it is [...]

When It Was Just A Game

We didn't have "flat bills". We folded ours and put them in our back pocket. Our hats weren't fitted. They were mesh in the back and had snaps to make them fit. We didn't have fancy logos, letters or numbers on the hats. Our teams didn't have fancy names. We were sponsored by a local [...]