Remembering Mom

*Repost from May, 2016 I was standing in the grocery store a few minutes ago, looking at Mother’s Day cards. What a sobering moment that turned out to be. Tomorrow, I will pause to reflect and remember my mom. Maybe you too will “celebrate” their life while mourning the loss. When I returned home, I […]

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You’re Ready. I’m Not

I can’t lie, this has been one of the harder posts for me to write. 18 years. It went by way too fast. Wasn’t I just watching Barney more times than I can count? Weren’t we just rushing out the door because “Clifford The Big Red Dog” was on TV meaning we were late to […]

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Full Circle

I was never and will never be the smartest guy in the room. I got a 13 on my ACT. Truth be told, I didn’t know or care the importance of this test I had to take. I didn’t visit colleges, take a big tour or get recruited for a sport. My parents weren’t even […]

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Wide Open Spaces

I had the benefit of being the second child. Parents, you know what I mean. My sister was the first and therefore, had the added protection that every parent places on their first born. By the time the second child comes along, I don’t want to say parents stop caring, they have just learned to […]

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I Won’t Forget

This image. Of all the images of 9/11 that are out there (professional and our own), this is the one I’ll never forget. I was a new dad. He was just weeks away from his first birthday. Those eyes. The innocence. What kind of world would we raise him in now? Everything was about to […]

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