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  • Full Circle

    I was never and will never be the smartest guy in the room. I got a 13 on my ACT. Truth be told, I didn’t know or care the importance […]

  • Wide Open Spaces

    I had the benefit of being the second child. Parents, you know what I mean. My sister was the first and therefore, had the added protection that every parent places […]

  • I Won’t Forget

    This image. Of all the images of 9/11 that are out there (professional and our own), this is the one I’ll never forget. I was a new dad. He was […]

  • “I Was Fixable”

    My Mom passed away in March of 2010 leaving an incredible legacy. My parents relocated to Houston a few years before that so we felt like it was appropriate to […]

  • Someone Else’s Belief

    “At some point in our lives we were the product of someone else’s belief.” -Inky Johnson I love me some Inky Johnson. If you aren’t familiar with him or his […]

  • Ponytails, Scrunchies and Lessons in Leadership

    I’ve had the fortune of building more than a few teams in a variety of areas. From inside a Fortune 500 company to a 5th grade girls travel basketball team. […]

  • Her Name Was Dorothy

    I read this story from Jim Tressel a few years ago and it has stuck with me ever since. I’m terrible with names. To be honest I will forget it […]

  • The Easy Silence

    I’m going to fall on the sword here. Guys, this is something we need to be aware of. I’ll be honest and say that I am NOT good at recognizing this. […]

  • Especially When They Don’t

    We’re nearing the finish line. A marathon summer of insanity. I know you’re thinking it. I’ve even thought it. Why in the world do you do that? Why does your […]

  • It Takes a Village

    I used to hate this time of year. If you’re the parent of a travel baseball player, you know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s that time of year when […]

  • Don’t Wait and Don’t Blink

    I have a confession to make….I should have listened to my wife. I could probably say that a million different times for a million different reasons but todays confession deals […]

  • The Hills We Die On

    There are select set of phrases that have found there way into my lexicon over the years. If you’re around me long enough you’ve probably heard some of them. One […]

  • Thank You, Nationwide Children’s

    In 2017, our family encountered one of those moments you never anticipate or even plan for. We were in uncharted waters. I cannot allow the page to turn to 2018 […]

  • Why You Won’t Get Our Christmas Card

    Tis the season. Each year about this time, we start to receive Christmas cards from friends and family across the United States. Some send a card. Others send a newsletter […]

  • Your Actions Speak Louder

    I once heard a story told by former Buckeye and NFL legend Chris Spielman. It’s been several years so I’m sure I’ll miss a detail or two but this is […]

  • The Best 30 Minutes You Can Spend

    I found this yesterday when I was in much need of inspiration and drive. This is the best 30 minutes you can spend today. Grab a pen and paper, you’ll […]

  • You’re Gonna Love Seventeen

    The other day I was driving through town and heard a new song by Lee Brice. By the time it was over I almost caused a wreck because I WAS […]

  • These Eyes

    I’ve been away from the blog for awhile now. In that time, “life” happened. There are many stories to tell but some of them are more private than others. The […]

  • The Day My Post Went Viral

    This story has to be told because it is just crazy. For those new to this blog, let me take you back for a very brief history. I started this […]

  • Rules For My Son

    A few favorites from the book Rules for My Unborn Son. 1. Never shake a man’s hand sitting down. 2. There are plenty of ways to enter a pool. The stairs […]

  • 6 Things My Kids Need For School

    Here we are again. Where did the summer go? Maybe you’re getting ready to send your first-born off to school. You might be sending your oldest to college. Maybe you […]

  • On Your 16th Birthday

    On October 6, 2000 my entire life changed. I became a dad for the very first time. You’re story was just beginning to be written. We knew we were having […]

  • Why Would U Mourn Prince?

    I’ve seen a few people question why people would honor Prince. He was, after all, controversial, edgy and so on. I’ve asked myself why I was saddened last week too. […]

  • Joy and Pain

    A few weeks ago a friend sent me a text asking for a favor. He recently had jaw surgery (thus the text and not a phone call) and wanted to […]

  • Eight Is Enough?

    A few weeks ago I heard my favorite author Bob Goff on the radio. He said that the average amount of people that can fit around a standard hospital bed […]

  • Setting The Pace

    Forty five. Forty Five is kind of record. Forty five is a malt liquor. Forty five is the number Michael Jordan wore when he returned from playing baseball. Forty five […]

  • Numbers on a page

    What were birthdays like before facebook? Honestly. Some may read this and think I’m being a bit over the top, but I am overwhelmed tonight. To each and every person […]

  • Random Vacation Thoughts

    Below is a collection of random thoughts from our vacation as I begin to decompress a bit. Warning, these are very random and not all warm and fuzzy. 1. One […]

  • Inputs and Outcomes

    I shared in my last post that I am leaving one company and joining another one. I also shared that this is a difficult transition because I hold my current […]

  • It’s Never How You Draw It Up

    On more than one occasion, I’ve told my wife that if you’re gonna put anything on my headstone, those are the words. “It’s Never How You Draw It Up.” If […]


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