Great is Thy Faithfullness

Sometimes, all it takes is an old hymn to put things back in perspective again. This morning was a typical Sunday morning in our house. You know what I am talking about. Everyone’s tired, everyone’s cranky, just when you get one kid dressed, another one has either spit up on themselves, or just decided to take their clothes off. Everyone’s late, all you want it is a shower and maybe 5 more minutes of sleep. Add to that fact that Brynn decided that Saturday Night was a good night for “Brynn’s Night Up” and you have one tired household. No sooner do we drag everyone into church, get them put into classrooms and slide quietly into a pew, comes the hymn “Great is Thy Faithfulness”. The words on the overhead couldn’t have been clearer if I was standing directly in front of it. “Great is thy faithfulness, morning by morning, new mercies I see. All I have needed thy hand has provided.” As if that wasn’t enough, then comes the words “strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow”. Great is His faithfulness! Suddenly the day got brighter, the luggage I felt like my eyes were carrying went away and energy was restored. Thank you for your new mercies each day and your faithfulness, Lord unto me…

What Was Your Best Day?

I know I just referenced “City Slickers” a couple of posts ago, but for some reason this was the thing that kept running through my head today. Again, we visit our 3 heroes on the trail and one of them asks the question “What was your best and worst day”? Billy Crystal goes on to tell a great story about going to his first Yankee game with his dad, keeping score and “Mickey hit one out”. The other 2 say “wow….great day”. So throughout the day today I kept trying to come up with my “best day”. After thinking and not being able to narrow it down to just one, I asked Heather what hers was. Funny thing was that hers was the exact same as mine. What was your “Best Day”? In case you were wondering some of ours were the day we got married and when all 3 kids were born. I had a runner up but it didn’t really qualify with the others. In 1995 I won a radio contest and got to throw out the first pitch on opening day at Jacobs Field. A guy landed on the field with a parachute, handed me the ball, I turned and threw it in the general direction of home plate. Slider called it a strike, so I guess it must have been in the “K-Zone”. Heather missed a tournament to be there and the Tribe went on to go to the World Series that year! Great day…not the my “Best Day”, but it was a great day. So there’s your topic….talk amongst yourselves….

2 Extremes in Email

“I can’t go with you and stay where I am, so you move me”. So go the words to a Garth Brooks song that was probably never intended to be used in relation to the Christian walk. Within 48 hours this week, I received 2 emails, from 2 different people, proving how quickly life can move, change and be altered. On Friday, I received an email from a dear friend that stated his company has offered to move his family to Japan for 18 months. There was a catch. He had to let them know in less than 24 hours! Think about that for a minute, what do you think you would do? Then came the second email, stating that someone I graduated from college with, but didn’t really know had suffered a severe heart attack and stroke. He was just getting ready to open a private practice the next week (which had been his dream). How are these 2 related? As I reflected on both stories, there was a common thread in both. Both men are men of great faith. One was looking to the Lord and asking “what do you want me to do”? He and his family were trying to discern if the Lord wanted him to step out of the boat like Peter and be stretched in every way. The other man was just getting ready to embark on a new adventure when his plans were immediately changed. The first man accepted the move to Japan and is leaving in a few months. He took the opportunity that life has afforded, because tomorrow holds no guarantees. That was my conclusion as I reflected on the 2 emails. As Tim McGraw sings, “tomorrow is a gift and we’ve got eternity to think about what’d you do with it”. Here’s hoping that we all live today, looking for where the Lord can stretch us and move us because tomorrow may be different than we had planned.

(As a follow up, please pray for both families. The one thing they both have in common is that their faith was not shaken in either instance. Rather, it was made stronger!)

Sleepless in Ohio

To quote the great philosopher Hootie and the Blowfish…”Time, why you punish me?”. Ah, the honeymoon is officially over and sleep is at a premium right now. If it was survivor, I would be begging the tribe to vote me off so I could get some sleep! Okay, so that is extreme, but sleep is a hot commodity in our home right now. It seems the new addition has her days and nights mixed up.

I am often asked, “where do you find the time to do a blog/web site”. My answer is always that I don’t sleep much. It’s funny how different 2 in the morning looks when you are awake with a baby that doesn’t want to sleep. There is some high quality television on at that hour though. Just this week I ordered a vacuum cleaner that runs by itself, the clapper, those pads that help you move furniture and I have enrolled in Carlton Sheets “No Money Down” Real Estate program (not really).

All kidding aside, those that have had little ones can remember this time well. If you don’t just come on over to the house and I will gladly let you get a refresher while we catch a quick nap! (disclaimer – this is written very much tongue and cheek!) Hopefully this brings a smile to your face. That is how it’s intended. Mom always said that “this to shall pass”. We have the “rest” of our lives to sleep right?

Hat To Da Back…

Ever wonder if your kids pick up on the things that you do? Ever scare you to death? Something happened this weekend to remind me just how much those little eyes watch us. Austin and I ran to the local hardware store and just like most Saturday’s, I was dressed in the usual Saturday attire. You know what I am talking about guys. Jeans that are so worn out that they make toilet paper seem sturdy, a shirt that is one good stretch away from being next week’s dust rag and my customary “Hat to the back”.

As we were walking into the store, I noticed that “mini-me” had fallen behind me a little bit. As I glanced back I noticed that he was, very slowly, flipping his “Sponge Bob” hat around so the bill was in the back. When he caught me looking at him. He quickly removed it so I wouldn’t notice. Before the end of the day, he was officially wearing his hat backwards and showing anyone that could see it! Great right? Right…Well all until I really think about this being more than just about a hat. Maybe I am reading to much into this (which happens a lot you know), but how important is what I say and do, knowing that someone else is going to follow my lead?

There is a song by Phillips, Craig and Dean that says “right now, from where he stands, I may seem mighty tall. But it’s only ’cause I am learning form the best Father of them all”. It goes on to say “Help me be a living bible Lord that my little boy can read. I wanna be just like you, ’cause he wants to be like me“. It seems that every time we have moments like Saturday, I am reminded of my very scary place as his father. Ever wonder if you can be that kind of role model when you are just a kid (at heart) yourself? I tease Heather that she is raising 2 boys. All teasing aside, I am thankful for having that system of “checks and balances” to keep me on the right track. It makes you check even the smallest things, like your hat to the back!