Hat To Da Back…

Ever wonder if your kids pick up on the things that you do? Ever scare you to death? Something happened this weekend to remind me just how much those little eyes watch us. Austin and I ran to the local hardware store and just like most Saturday’s, I was dressed in the usual Saturday attire. You know what I am talking about guys. Jeans that are so worn out that they make toilet paper seem sturdy, a shirt that is one good stretch away from being next week’s dust rag and my customary “Hat to the back”.

As we were walking into the store, I noticed that “mini-me” had fallen behind me a little bit. As I glanced back I noticed that he was, very slowly, flipping his “Sponge Bob” hat around so the bill was in the back. When he caught me looking at him. He quickly removed it so I wouldn’t notice. Before the end of the day, he was officially wearing his hat backwards and showing anyone that could see it! Great right? Right…Well all until I really think about this being more than just about a hat. Maybe I am reading to much into this (which happens a lot you know), but how important is what I say and do, knowing that someone else is going to follow my lead?

There is a song by Phillips, Craig and Dean that says “right now, from where he stands, I may seem mighty tall. But it’s only ’cause I am learning form the best Father of them all”. It goes on to say “Help me be a living bible Lord that my little boy can read. I wanna be just like you, ’cause he wants to be like me“. It seems that every time we have moments like Saturday, I am reminded of my very scary place as his father. Ever wonder if you can be that kind of role model when you are just a kid (at heart) yourself? I tease Heather that she is raising 2 boys. All teasing aside, I am thankful for having that system of “checks and balances” to keep me on the right track. It makes you check even the smallest things, like your hat to the back!

Want To Have a Catch?

Yesterday had to be one of those days that I believe most father’s begin thinking about the day they find out they are having a son! An entire movie was based around the simple act of a father and son playing catch! The real blessing is that Austin won’t ever have to hear strange voices, plow through his corn, meet “Shoeless Joe Jackson”, go driving around with James Earl Jones and find “Moonlight Graham”! If I was staying true to the movie, he would actually have to do all of that so that Albert Belle could come play Leftfield and not “Shoeless Joe”. That’s because Albert was my favorite player..but I digress…For those that don’t know, all of the above comes from the movie “Field of Dreams”. Again, it’s a must see if you have not. Believe it or not, I am getting to my point. It was just one of those moments that you cherish and really look forward to. Just a simple game of catch. As we tossed the ball back and forth, I wondered if this is how we would talk about those really important things in life as he grows up. Would this be where I explain to him the pitfalls that I ran into and how he can avoid them? Would this be where we discuss his dreams and future plans? Or, would this simply be something he does more for me, than him? No matter what, I will always have this moment, this day and the bruise that he got from missing the ball will eventually heal! “Ease His Pain…..” (ha-ha)

The One Thing

Have you ever seen the movie “City Slickers”? If you have not seen it, it’s a must rent. Great movie. In one classic scene, Billy Crystal and Jack Palance are having a conversation along the trail.
Palance asks Crystal, “Do you know what the secret of life is?”

Crystal responds “No, what?”

Palance holds up his gloved index finger and says “This”.

Crystal wisecracks, “Your finger?”

Palance continues, “One thing. Just one thing. You stick to that and everything else don’t mean nothin!”

Crystal asks, “That’s great, but what’s the one thing?”

Then Palance gives Crystal the nugget of wisdom: “That’s what you’ve gotta figure out”.

I won’t spoil the rest of the movie for those that have not seen it. Since I am usually the one sharing all of the thoughts I have in my head, I figured tonight I would post one for you to consider. What is your “One Thing”? Or, have you figured it out. Maybe it’s changed in the past week, month, year. Or maybe it is getting ready to change. Whatever it is, I can assure you that my “one thing” will never change. Like the movie says, when I stick to that one thing…everything else don’t mean nothin! Oh, believe me, everything else feeds off of my one thing. Matter of fact, I am convinced that without my one thing, I would have nothing! So what is my “One thing”? Here is a hint… Philippians 3:7-17

If you want to drop me an email and let me know what your one thing is, I would love to hear it!

The Space Between

Don’t worry, I have not abandoned the blog now that Brynn is here! There is just this little thing called “time” that gets in the way! However, one of the recurring things I hear back about the blog is that “reading your posts made me cry”! While that is not the intention of the blog, it does give me some indication that the emotion that inspired the posts came through in the words. So I don’t set out to move people to tears, it’s just my interpretation of the things that go on as we walk this journey! There is a Dave Matthews song that says “The space between the tears we cry is the laughter that keeps us coming back for more”. Isn’t that so true? Where do we go from here? What will I post now that the baby is here? Will I run out of material? No way! Just the opposite, I am sure I will have more things to post than there is time in the day. You see, I have 3 subjects to follow and use as analogies. I also have the insiders perspective into being outnumbered! Not only outnumbered by children (3 to 2), but by girls! So there maybe times when I post something that brings you to tears. But don’t worry, it’s the space between those posts that will be filled with the laughter that (hopefully) keeps you coming back for more!

Remind Me

I have a favor to ask of all the readers of the blog. As the time passed away with just Brynn, Heather and I, I had time to take a pause and enjoy this new beginning. So what I ask is that you remind me of this time and how I felt.

Remind me again when life gets so fast.
Remind me again when things don’t go as planned.
Remind me again to remember God’s blessings.
Remind me again that you don’t need much to melt your heart.
Remind me again how quickly time passes.
Remind me when I don’t think I have time to give to the children.
Remind me when the storms of life are raging.
Remind me when everything is going well.
Remind me when it seems like there are no answers.
Remind me when I think I might know it all.
Remind me changes take place.
Remind me as everything stays the same.
Remind me when 5 more minutes seems to long.
Remind me not to take things for granted.
Remind me not to take life to serious.
Remind me that the better other things look, the more important what you have becomes.
Remind me that God knows and is in control.
Remind me that His blessings are new each day.
Remind to remind my children.
Remind me of my wife’s sacrifice.
Remind me of her love for me.
Remind me of my family and the ones I love.
Remind me how they sacrificed to give us what we have.
Remind me of our friends they define who we are.
Remind me of my place of worship.

You see every day won’t be like today. I can’t imagine them being any better. But when they are not, you will know to remind me that they can be. I need look no further than what is resting on my shoulder.