Update From The Beach

It's Wednesday and I am taking advantage of my 2 small bars of wi-fi connection to get a quick post up (don't tell my neighbors I am borrowing his signal). Things here in Outer Banks (Corolla specifically) are as wonderful as always. The weather is extremely hot but we are taking advantage of the beach [...]

Vacation Day 1

As promised we pushed off early Saturday morning for Raleigh, North Carolina. After dropping Wubzzy off at the local Pet Palace for a week of pampering we began our 9 hour journey. Nothing compares to family time in a vehicle. Nothing. One of the memories of the journey was seeing the "Girls Gone Wild" tour [...]

What Not To Wear

Yesterday I opened my Google Reader and, like the rest of the "Tar Heel Family" was shocked to read that David and Travis Wear have decided to transfer from North Carolina to a destination which has yet to be announced. Because I am obsessed with North Carolina Basketball, I went looking for answers last night. [...]

Final Thoughts

Some final thoughts before tonights big game. Been interesting to hear which side the "Buckeye Nation" has taken for the UNC and Michigan State game. They either can't root for "anything from that state up north" or they are rooting for the Big 10. The analysts are correct that the game in December was totally [...]

Something Big

  In March of this year, we began a journey that took a BIG turn yesterday. Huge. In reviewing that post tonight. I recalled quoting the lyrics of John Waller when he sang: "Something so big, it's destined to fail without you Lord" Friends, readers and those that may be visiting for the first time, [...]