Music and Lyrics

Have you ever been driving down the road with a friend, singing a song and you totally screw up the lyrics? Worse yet, do you ever not know the lyrics so you either – A) mumble something that sounds close to the lyric B) start to whistle as to not give away that you don’t know it Luckily my wife isn’t nearly as into music as I am. Either that, or she is too nice to point out every time I misquote or mistakenly sing the wrong thing. Well friends, admitting it is the first step. C’mon…I’m not the only … Continue reading Music and Lyrics

Being Cavalier

This is awesome!!!! I don’t know who did it, but hopefully they are getting paid WELL by the Cleveland Cavaliers. You can read the entire article HERE. The Cavs just moved into their new Gazillion dollar training facility yesterday. GM (and former Duke player) Danny Ferry walked into his new office to find it completely decorated with North Carolina colors and logos. According to the article, he was none to pleased. I think it looks great! Wonder if I could hire their decorators for my office? GO HEELS!!!! Continue reading Being Cavalier