Get Expelled This Summer…Again!

I received an email this evening from a subscriber to my blog that has an opportunity for each of us to consider. It is my honor to share something this important through my site. Below is an excerpt of the email I received... "I am subscriber of your blog…..I have enjoyed reading and listening your [...]

I said…You heard…

Kids and lessons from our Heavenly Father go hand in hand don't they? The timing is sometimes scary. This morning was one of those moments. Let me explain. Last night as I tucked my daughter into bed, we were discussing "All Pro Dad" (APD) on Saturday. She gets very excited every month to attend APD. [...]

Please Be Patient…

When I was growing up, I had a small cross stitch picture in my room that my mom made. It was a picture of a little cowboy with the words "Please be patient, God's not through with me yet". I couldn't help but think of how prophetic that little picture was..and still is today. While [...]


"Today there are thousands of people sitting in church pews every Sunday who look like they've got it together on the outside but are broken on the inside. People who want to grab a Christian brother or sister by the shoulders and shout, "I'm not together! I'm in trouble! My relationship with God is terrible! [...]

No Wonder?

The other night, we watched "The Nativity Story" (or as my son called it, "The Negativity Story"). It was pretty good. I couldn't help but be struck by seeing a human baby come into this world. I wondered if I have forgotten the wonder of it. The fact that God came into this world as [...]