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  • The Grace of My Life

    One more post for my wife before Mothers day. I had never heard this song before until I was cutting the grass the other day. The lyrics say perfectly what […]

  • Tough Little Boys

    “When tough little boys grow up to be dad’s, they turn into big babies again” – Gary Allan I have blogged this process several times, but today was hopefully the […]

  • Lose My Soul

    I’m not gonna lie..I’m not a fan of Tobymac. Well, I should say I wasn’t a fan of Tobymac. Sadly, I don’t have a really good reason except when DC […]

  • When All is Said and Done

    When the music fades into the past, When the days of life are through, What will be remembered of where I’ve come? When all is said and done? Will they […]

  • Bloggers Block – Random Thoughts

    So I am mired in a major case of “bloggers block” right now. I’m actually wondering if I will come out of this one or just un-plug from “the matrix” […]

  • Home

    It’s going to take something special to knock Daughtry out of my favorite CD of 2007. I know it’s only February, but this is quite possibly my favorite CD of […]

  • Walk Her Home

    As I said in my previous post, today is my first day of “life on the road”. I have already told my wife a half dozen times that “I’m gonna […]

  • He Ain’t the Leavin’ Kind

    I love the randomness of iTunes. Last night I was catching up on some work in my home office when I heard this number. I really digg Rascal Flatts. Part […]

  • Just The Way You Are

    Due to all of the time behind the wheel, I often play this little game in my head (it’s a very scary place…), where I take secular music and think […]

  • In 2007…Hold Fast!

    If “Bring the Rain” was the best song off of the Coming Up to Breathe CD by MercyMe. Then “Hold Fast” comes in a close second. I can’t take credit […]

  • Goodbye….

    This is the one I have been putting off writing for quite a while now. With a new year just a few days away, I figure it’s about time to […]

  • The Legend of Silent Night

    Bellau Wood – By Garth Brooks Oh, the snowflakes fell in silence Over Belleau Wood that night For a Christmas truce had been declared By both sides of the fight […]

  • Jesus, Bring the Rain..

    A quick “look-see” at the calendar shows that we only have a few weeks left in 2006. I guess I better start passing out some of my end-o-the year awards. […]

  • Our First Conference

    Tonight was the first of what is sure to be many “Parent-Teacher Conferences”. Now before you think “the boy” did something wrong, all of the parents were scheduled for their […]

  • Remember Who You Are..

    I’m sure we all remember the scene from “The Lion King” where Simba see’s the vision of his father in a cloud. The voice calls out and says “Remember who you are”. Well, I guess […]

  • No More, No Less…

    One of the better song choices was to open up the Mercyme show with the song “No More, No Less”. Particularly because of the line “Let me introduce myself to […]

  • Hold Fast…

    “What I’ve learned in my life, One thing greater than my strife Is His grasp So hold fast” (Mercyme) [audio:mmhold.mp3] “Hold Fast” by Mercy Me. From the CD Coming Up […]

  • Let That Pony Run…

    Today marks officially 6 years ago that my life as a father began. I remember holding this little one and singing the words to the Creed song “With Arms Wide […]

  • The End of The Innocence

    I need to apologize as I have one last thought on the topic of my last few posts. I can’t help it. It’s been a tough week and I am […]

  • A Band of Brothers

    9 weeks ago, I blogged my excitement about the pending journey that I was going to share with a group of men from our church. The adventure began with a […]

  • The Warrior is a Child

    All of this talk of “Wild at Heart” and the concept of the battle to fight and adventure to live, brought back one of the more memorable events of my […]

  • Life Ain’t Always Beautiful

    “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.” (Genesis 50:20) NIV One of the benefits […]

  • Old Friends

    “Old friends, old friends, sat on their park bench like bookends” – Simon and Garfunkle Yesterday was one of those days that you file in your memory as a “great […]

  • I.O.U – A Mother’s Day Gift

    I am a few days early with this, but it is by design. First is to remind the fella’s that Sunday is Mother’s day. Another is so that this song […]

  • Bring the Rain

    “The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; may the name of the Lord be praised” (Job 1:21). Time and time again, I am amazed by the strength of […]

  • Food for Thought Friday

    I had a chance to listen to the new Mercy Me CD (Coming Up To Breathe) this week. It is not bad, but very different from their earlier CD’s. There […]

  • Keep Singing

    I am blessed to have a job where I work out of a home office. One of the greatest parts of my work day occurs around 3:30. It is at […]

  • Love Them Like Jesus….

    I recently heard a song by the group “Casting Crowns” that hit pretty close to home. The line that really caught my attention was the chorus. It simply says “Just […]

  • Bringing “Up There” Down Here…

    Our small group recently completed an incredible study by John Ortberg called “God is Closer Than You Think”. In the final session, he taked about bringing “up there”, down here. In […]

  • If You Want Me To…

    Yesterday morning, while dressing, I heard an old familiar song and personal favorite. As I belted the lyrics out in my closet, little did I know it was the opening […]


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