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  • Episode 26 | Game Plan

    Episode 26 | Game Plan

    In Episode 26, Mark Price and Aaron discuss week one of the NBA Playoffs. They break down the winners and losers and especially the Cavaliers.  Mark discuss…. MarkPriceCamps.com

  • Episode 25 | NBA Playoff Preview

    Episode 25 | NBA Playoff Preview

    In Episode 25 of the Mark Price For 3 Podcast, Mark and Aaron take a look at the NBA Playoff bracket and discuss some of the matchups. Mark also talks about his preparation for the NBA Playoffs as a player. We end this episode discussing how to prepare for the next season of our lives.…

  • Grace Week

    Grace Week

    This is your site for all things Grace Week. Below are your 7 days of reflection. Take 10-15 minutes each day to listen to each one. Lean in. Take notes. Take inventory of the grace on your life and how you extend that to others. Thank you for joining me this week for Grace Week.…

  • Episode 24 | Champions

    Episode 24 | Champions

    Episode 24 of the Mark Price For 3 Podcast is the finale in the March Madness Series. In this episode, Mark and Aaron discuss the following: -Cavs update and playoffs conversation-Final Four and Championship game preview-What makes a champion?-Achieving your ceiling-Being a champion of your faith-A special story from Mark-Good Friday and Easter.  MarkPriceCamps.com –…

  • Episode 23 | March Madness Series with Jimmy Dykes (ESPN)

    Episode 23 | March Madness Series with Jimmy Dykes (ESPN)

    Episode 23 of the Mark Price for 3 Podcast is with Jimmy Dykes of ESPN. We continue the March Madness Series of the podcast with one of the most respected voices in college basketball. More importantly, Jimmy is a man of high character and deep faith. In this episode, we discuss the following: -History of…

  • Episode 225 | Gary Miracle Returns To Unscripted

    Episode 225 | Gary Miracle Returns To Unscripted

    For the second year in a row, our good friend Gary Miracle returns to Unscripted. Over the course of 2 years, there have been many moments and many stories. Aaron and Gary discuss just a few of them. Gary also brings us up to speed on all of the developments in his life since his…