Sermon Notes – A Church Made To Go!

httpvhd:// As you can see from the clip above, we wrapped up the series from Acts 3 – 7 yesterday by taking a look at witnessing. Specifically, we looked at Phillip and the Ethiopian in Acts 8:26-36. Reasons Most Christians Don’t Witness: Not able to do evangelism as well as professionals Too timid Fear ofContinue reading “Sermon Notes – A Church Made To Go!”

Sermon Notes – Suffering

httpvhd:// Yesterday morning we had a guest Pastor speak at our church. Steve Smith, Assistant Pastor/Youth at Lindworth Baptist Church (not the wide receiver for the Carolina Panthers), spoke on the subject of “Suffering” from the text in Romans 8:17-28. While Romans 8:28 is one of the most quoted verses, suffering is something that noneContinue reading “Sermon Notes – Suffering”

Sermon Notes 9/27 – Handling Opposition

We continue to be in a series from Acts looking at “The Marks of a Healthy Church“. Specifically this morning we looked at Acts 4 and how to handle opposition. 1. Opposition is expected (John 15:30) – Comes at the least likely time – Comes from the most unlikely people 2. Opposition is an opportunityContinue reading “Sermon Notes 9/27 – Handling Opposition”