Want To Have a Catch?

Yesterday had to be one of those days that I believe most father’s begin thinking about the day they find out they are having a son! An entire movie was based around the simple act of a father and son playing catch! The real blessing is that Austin won’t ever have to hear strange voices, […]

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The One Thing

Have you ever seen the movie “City Slickers”? If you have not seen it, it’s a must rent. Great movie. In one classic scene, Billy Crystal and Jack Palance are having a conversation along the trail. Palance asks Crystal, “Do you know what the secret of life is?” Crystal responds “No, what?” Palance holds up […]

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The Space Between

Don’t worry, I have not abandoned the blog now that Brynn is here! There is just this little thing called “time” that gets in the way! However, one of the recurring things I hear back about the blog is that “reading your posts made me cry”! While that is not the intention of the blog, […]

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Remind Me

I have a favor to ask of all the readers of the blog. As the time passed away with just Brynn, Heather and I, I had time to take a pause and enjoy this new beginning. So what I ask is that you remind me of this time and how I felt. Remind me again […]

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Perfect! Those that know me, know that I have known all along what we were having. When asked, I would just say that when I found out what we were having my only thought was “perfect”. Now that Brynn is here, I can finally reveal what “perfect” was all about. Actually, perfect has taken on […]

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