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The Friend of a Wounded Heart

A few weeks ago this song by Wayne Watson came across iTunes and through my office speakers. I stopped what I was doing and listened to it several times to let it soak in. It has been resonating with me ever since. These are heavy days for so many that I know. We need Jesus to meet us where we are don’t we? So often I have heard that phrase and never really understood what it meant. This morning I witnessed first hand what it means.

This morning I was blessed and touched by a choir from a homeless shelter in Dayton, Ohio called “Target Dayton”. Friends I was moved to the point of tears by this choir. Make no mistake, this was not about music moving you to an emotional place. What I saw this morning were people that have nothing but the Joy of the Lord. They are walking, dancing, living and singing about a friend of their wounded hearts and someone who has literally met them where they are. In Gods economy, they were the richest in the room. They understand Matthew 5:3-10.

Heaven help us to reach out when we have a wounded heart. Lord grant us the wisdom to understand our dependancy no matter where we are in the worlds economy. Thank you for being the friend of a wounded heart to those in need at Target Dayton. May we all desire that friendship and allow you to meet with us….no matter where we are.

“The Friend of a Wounded Heart” by Wayne Watson



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  • 1onlinesuccess · June 2, 2008

    Wonderful post. For several weeks now a group of us at the church along with the pastor have been taking time with the homeless on Saturdays. We’ve opened up the church to feed them and become their friend. Wounded hearts, oh yeah, there are many, and many we wouldn’t know if we did not stop and lsiten to it. Several now are coming to regular church services as well and their finding hope! Yeah, Jesus, meets you where you are. If he is in us, I hope we can meet the multitudes where they are, becuase we may be the only Jesus they see. God bless – Joe Young

  • Amanda · June 2, 2008

    You can’t help but cry in praise to hear and see them sing in joy, when they have no home to call their own… except heaven itself. You can’t help but be thankful for each blessing in your life after that. Starting with our Friend, Jesus Christ!

    Good post Aaron, I wish everyone could have been there. Heaven will be amazing if that’s just a taste.

    (PS new site and feed… FYI!) Have a blessed one!

  • Aaron · June 3, 2008

    1online- Thanks for the comments. Seeing that choir so full of joy was something I will never forget.

    Amanda – I had the same thought sitting there about the music in Heaven and how we will all join in one voice, no matter where the background to praise the one that is so worthy. I’ll update my blogroll for your new feed :)

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