A few weeks ago this song by Wayne Watson came across iTunes and through my office speakers. I stopped what I was doing and listened to it several times to let it soak in. It has been resonating with me ever since. These are heavy days for so many that I know. We need Jesus to meet us where we are don’t we? So often I have heard that phrase and never really understood what it meant. This morning I witnessed first hand what it means.

This morning I was blessed and touched by a choir from a homeless shelter in Dayton, Ohio called “Target Dayton”. Friends I was moved to the point of tears by this choir. Make no mistake, this was not about music moving you to an emotional place. What I saw this morning were people that have nothing but the Joy of the Lord. They are walking, dancing, living and singing about a friend of their wounded hearts and someone who has literally met them where they are. In Gods economy, they were the richest in the room. They understand Matthew 5:3-10.

Heaven help us to reach out when we have a wounded heart. Lord grant us the wisdom to understand our dependancy no matter where we are in the worlds economy. Thank you for being the friend of a wounded heart to those in need at Target Dayton. May we all desire that friendship and allow you to meet with us….no matter where we are.

“The Friend of a Wounded Heart” by Wayne Watson