Best. Book. Ever.

If you’ve been around this blog any time at all, you probably know a few things about me. First, I review a lot of books. Second, I have given more than a few of them 4 or 5 out of 5’s. Lastly, “Quiet Strength” by Tony Dungy has spent an unbelievable amount of time at the top of my favorite all-time books. As a matter of fact, I think it’s undefeated. A lot of books have run past my eyes but Coach Dungy remained strong with very little challenge. Until this week… Mr. Dungy…you are now number two. I would … Continue reading Best. Book. Ever.

Through The Fire

I received a phone call today from a friend that is about as close to my heart as there is. I’m a “mile wide and inch deep” when it comes to friendships. What I mean is I tend to let very few get real close. VERY few. This friend, however, is one of those people. Over the years, I have watched him go through hell. I’ve been on the other end of the phone as he told me story after story that left me with no words to say. There were no phrases or words of encouragement that didn’t sound … Continue reading Through The Fire

Review – All Pro Dad

This is a review I cannot wait to get done on so many levels. First, I am a HUGE fan of the All Pro Dad movement. Several years ago I had the privilege of leading a local chapter and enjoyed connecting fathers and their kids. My kids and I have also attended three of the All Pro Dad Experience days and made lasting memories each time. Second, the author, Mark Merrill is a close friend of Tony Dungy, for whom I have the upmost respect. Last and certainly not least, I know that I need any help I can get … Continue reading Review – All Pro Dad

Bowing to the music

It’s no secret I love music. Our Pastor was making an analogy yesterday and asked the crowd who liked various genre’s of music (Country, 80’s, 90’s). I should have just left my hand up in the air because I like it all. My iTunes is a crazy concoction of just about everything you can imagine. It’s actually a rather scary place. That’s why his analogy and sermon hit pretty close to home. Especially this quote: Real Faith refuses to bow down when the music plays. Now before you think that my Pastor is saying that we shouldn’t bow when the … Continue reading Bowing to the music

Free Valentines Day Cards and $10 Off!

First off…Happy Valentines Day to one and all. Secondly, I am honored and thrilled to announce a new little partnership with my friends at What’s In The Bible. I was recently asked to contribute to their blog on a semi-regular basis, which pretty much blew me a way. My first post will go live sometime in March. BUT, this isn’t about me…it’s about YOU! Below is a special (and FUN) offer for this day of the Valentine….

What’s in the Bible have put together a special page for the family to print off Valentines Day cards. They’re fun and feature all of their favorite characters. In addition, there is a coupon for $10 off the Volume One DVD! How about them apples..or hearts? Click on the image below and you will be taken to a site with the cards, videos and most importantly…THE SAVINGS! You can get Volume One for $5!

Who loves ya???

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Your Influence

Tonight my 8 year old will compete in the first of many gymnastics meets this winter. She’s a level 5 gymnast now so it continues to get tougher. I am already amazed by what she is able to achieve in this delicate sport. Amazed. However, she is nervous. REALLY NERVOUS. My wife and I have been doing our best to calm the fears and allow her to soak in the moment while “trusting her training”. What else can you tell an 8 year old that has all of the ability but fear could be her biggest opponent?

This morning I opened my Uncommon Life Daily Challenge devotional book by Tony Dungy and wouldn’t you know the answer was right there on the page. It’s so good I thought I would post for you all as well. Fear or nerves getting the best of you? Check this out…

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Your Influence

Tonight my 8 year old will compete in the first of many gymnastics meets this winter. She’s a level 5 gymnast now so it continues to get tougher. I am already amazed by what she is able to achieve in this delicate sport. Amazed. However, she is nervous. REALLY NERVOUS. My wife and I have been doing our best to calm the fears and allow her to soak in the moment while “trusting her training”. What else can you tell an 8 year old that has all of the ability but fear could be her biggest opponent?

This morning I opened my Uncommon Life Daily Challenge devotional book by Tony Dungy and wouldn’t you know the answer was right there on the page. It’s so good I thought I would post for you all as well. Fear or nerves getting the best of you? Check this out…

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Two visits to Nashville

Continuing my review of 2011, you know I had to include our two trips to Nashville. The first trip was the annual running of the Nashville Half Marathon. 2011 was a tough year for me when it came to running. Due to injury after injury after setback after setback, my training really suffered. More than once, it appeared as if Nashville wasn’t going to be in the cards for me. I officially signed up about 6 weeks before the race and did my best to get ready. This is not a race that you “kinda” train for. It’s brutal. I … Continue reading Two visits to Nashville

Christmas in Casa Luz Peru

I received this email over the weekend from a guy that I consider one of my closest friends. His story and his heart for this ministry in Casa Luz is simply amazing. It is an honor for me to call him “friend”. Please see this email below and consider how you can help Jeff and his wonderful family. Friends, So many of you have contributed to help Casa Luz over the years and we appreciate it soooooo much! Christmas is coming and we are hoping to send money next week that Casa Luz can use to provide a Christmas for … Continue reading Christmas in Casa Luz Peru

Sermon Notes 12.11.2011

For unto us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. (Isaiah 9:6) God Makes himself known to everyone, everywhere through creation. In the Old Testament, as a Jewish person, being found ceremonially unclean carried with it deep physical, emotional and spiritual implications. It is entirely possible for me to be in a crowd around Jesus my entire life and never fully know or experience him. What God does in me is where his power is … Continue reading Sermon Notes 12.11.2011

Team Vedaste Update

We’re about halfway through our 30 days to sell 70 Hello Somebody watches and we need your help. My son and I accepted the opportunity about 2 weeks ago to do our part to support Vedaste Iyamwremye in Rwanda. By selling 70 watches, Vedaste will have food and education for an entire year. Such a small sacrifice for you and I and huge thing for Vedaste. The watches look great and make a great gift. I’m also thrilled to announce that THEY NOW HAVE SMALLER LOGO WATCHES for the ladies or little ones. We had a 30 day challenge so … Continue reading Team Vedaste Update

Don’t Let It Beat You

Interesting choice of poster this week for the People of The Second Chance “Never Beyond” series. I am so thankful to be a part of this blogger network and team but I have to be honest and say I was stumped on this one. Jaws? Really? Then I thought about Bethany Hamilton. You know, the girl from “Soul Surfer“? You know, the girl that lost her arm to a shark while surfing? Grace. Elegance. Beauty. Strength. Bethany Hamilton. As I reflected on Bethany and her inspiring life in the shadows of a tragedy that would have shut most of us … Continue reading Don’t Let It Beat You

Losing The Argument

People fascinate me. Stories fascinate me. Listening to people tell me their story fascinates me. I am intrigued by what makes each one of us different. I wonder what shaped you. Who shaped you. What drove you to be who you are today. What are the tensions that create your beliefs? I am not the guy to argue theology. I am not the guy to argue politics. Actually, I’d rather stay far away from both of those two. However I do like the discussion. Not the debate. Not the argument. The discussion. I’m “friends” on facebook with a few people … Continue reading Losing The Argument

My Nines Notes

Rather than flooding twitter with a full stream of posts all day, I’m moving it over here. I’m virtually attending “The Nines” leadership conference today. Well, I actually have it running while I do all of my other duties of my day job and am trying to hear as much as I can. It’s been on for 38 minutes and I’m catching great stuff all ready. Below is a full, live notes from the sessions throughout the day. Keep checking back for more.

-Don’t judge success by seating capacity, but by sending capacity

-Andy Stanley says that vision is a picture in our mind about what could be, a passion in our heart about what should be

-Market to the church! We can’t always afford to market well to the community, but we can effectively market to the audience we already have.

-Motivate the people on your team to leverage their own networks (facebook, twitter, etc)

-It’s important to not only study Scripture, but also to be a student of popular culture

-Be Biblical, practical and radical

-It doesn’t matter if you’ve won the heart of the city. It doesn’t matter if you’ve won the heart of the nation, if you lose the heart of your wife.

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Behind the mask.

I’m honored today to contribute to the Never Beyond Series for the People of the Second Chance. This weeks image is Darth Vader. While not a real person, I think we can all identify with ol’ Darth at some level. I say that because we all have masks. I might even go so far as to say that we especially have them on Sunday morning. Just like Vader, behind the mask is pain, hurt, anger, bitterness, rejection, hatred and scars we don’t want others to see. Behind the mask we feel safe. We can do unspeakable damage to the emotions, … Continue reading Behind the mask.

Talkin about a revolution.

I had a thought today while I was cleaning off my iPhone. Obviously there was a lot of chatter last week about the resignation of Steve Jobs from Apple. I don’t worry about Apple, I’m sad for Steve Jobs. His health is a tragic story and for that I’m sad. But that isn’t what this post is about. It’s about a revolution. It’s about changing the world. One man, or so many people believe, started a revolution. As I sat there wiping off the back of my iPhone it hit me that one man with a vision CAN change the … Continue reading Talkin about a revolution.

Road Manual

  Several people I know are attending the Global Leadership Summit this week in Chicago. It is an incredible collection of speakers with significant leadership and influence within the Church and marketplace today. Reading the tweets from those that are there was so inspiring. When I looked at todays lineup, one name jumped off the page right away… SESSION 8: 4:00 – 5:00 – Erwin McManus – “Chasing Daylight”.  I don’t want to say that jealousy ran through my blood for those that will be in that building tonight to hear Erwin speak, but jealousy ran through my blood for … Continue reading Road Manual

How To Pray For Us

I have been so honored by the words, emails, text and conversations with so many people throughout this process and especially after my post yesterday. The response has been so special. For that I thank you all. Given the unique circumstances and the need to keep the details private for now, I am often asked “what should we pray for” or “how would you like us to pray”. Jokingly, more than a few folks have offered to pray for what THEY want. The best thing I can tell you all is this…. Pray what we’re praying. Pray for Gods will. … Continue reading How To Pray For Us

Because of my chains

During my quiet time this morning I was reading Philippians 1. Pauls “Thanksgiving and Prayer” in verses 3 – 11 are something I’ll have to do a post on another day. There is just so much that is rich and true in those verses. Yet it was verse 14 that really jumped out at me. Because of my chains, most of the brothers in the Lord have been encouraged to speak the word of God more courageously and fearlessly. “Because of my chains”. Because of what I am going through. Because of this struggle, this fight, people are being encouraged … Continue reading Because of my chains

Learning in the Waiting

Have you ever been in a season of waiting? I bet if you were honest, good or bad, there was at least something you learned in that season. My guess is that it wouldn’t take much thought to immediately point to specific lessons learned. It doesn’t mean you enjoyed the season, but the lessons learned were (gulp) worth the journey. Here’s just few I have learned and continue to learn: HOPE. No matter the season, no matter the reason, each and every one of us need hope. We need to know that there is a chance that this season will … Continue reading Learning in the Waiting

Discontentment vs. Change

I’m not sure if you’re following the Cross Point Church Summer Slam Series, but we attend their online services weekly. This sermon hit me on so many levels. It goes straight to many of the things I have been wrestling with (the Summer Slam is appropriate). I love his thoughts on Nashville, their service to that city and missions. Love me some Cross Point Church! This weekend, Jon Acuff, author of “Stuff Christians Like” and most recently, “Quitter” is speaking on “Today vs. Tomorrow”. Follow the service @ 7:00pm (EST) HERE. Click HERE to watch the sermons thus far in … Continue reading Discontentment vs. Change

In Order

When I was growing up, I had a tile floor in my bedroom. It was red tile with an off-white square block around the inner border that looked like a big white highway (to a child anyway). I would take all of my Hot Wheels and line them up perfectly next to one another. I was like the worlds smallest valet. To say I had a touch of OCD is probably an understatement. While my friends were smashing their Hot Wheels together, I was lining them up with great care. I like things in order. When you visit our home … Continue reading In Order

I Know What I Want

I was out for a night run tonight which usually leads to some great “thinking time” and doing business with God. Coming off of a week long vacation, you would think I might have done enough of that already, but I’m still thinking. I’m thinking a lot. I’m praying a lot. I’m discerning and waiting. But I know what I want. I want to spend my days working for a greater cause. I want to rise knowing what I will do that day moved whomever I am doing it for a little closer to a greater goal. I want to … Continue reading I Know What I Want

Feeling Like Cougar

We’ve all seen it. We know the movie by heart. The opening sequence of Top Gun and “Cougar” is loosing it during a battle in the air. He looks at the picture of his wife and kids and he disengages from the moment. His plane glides quietly while the battle goes on around him. Maverick comes to the rescue and the rest is movie making history. Let’s stay focused on Cougar though… After the episode in the sky, he says “I’m holding on too tight, I’ve lost the edge” and turns in his wings. He was number one. The best. … Continue reading Feeling Like Cougar

Saw The Wind

Then Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water and came toward Jesus. 30But when he SAW THE WIND, he was afraid and, beginning to sink, cried out, “Lord, save me!” 31Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him. “You of little faith,” he said, “why did you doubt?” The movie “Pretty Woman” opens with a guy walking around the streets yelling “Welcome to Hollywood! What’s your dream?”. We all have dreams and visions of what we will be “when we grow up”. For some there is a calling on our life that is crystal clear as … Continue reading Saw The Wind

Blind Runner

The older I get the more I realize I have a lot in common with “Uncle Rico” from the movie Napolean Dynamite. I don’t live in a van or sell tupperware, but there is one thing we have in common… The desire to have a time machine While Uncle Ricco always wanted to go back to 1982 (which wouldn’t be all that bad by the way), I would like to use mine to move ahead about 6 months. Just for a quick “look-see”. I promise I wouldn’t stay. Especially if I didn’t like what I saw there. Wouldn’t it be … Continue reading Blind Runner

Be the encourager

As I mentioned earlier, Journey Church reserved yesterday to launch what was called a “One Day Serve“. Simply put, the entire church body set aside their day to serve the needs of those in the church and out of the church. All over town, groups of people gathered to do yard work, paint, clean, trim bushes, clear brush, and split wood. All of this was in the name of doing what we are called to do…serve one another. Due to schedule conflicts, our family only had a small window of time in the morning where we could serve. It worked … Continue reading Be the encourager

One Day Serve

In my previous post, I mentioned that there are 2 churches near and dear to my heart. The second of those 2 churches is Journey Church in Columbus, Ohio. This Sunday is an exciting event in the life of Journey Church. All over the city, members of Journey Church will take part in what is being called a “One Day Serve”. Simply stated, this is an opportunity to serve the members, friends, neighbors and community of Journey Church. Beginning at 7am on Sunday morning, teams from Journey will serve at the Relay for Life in Hilliard and the Greenswell 5K … Continue reading One Day Serve

Shakin’ The Roots

A few years ago my family and I were going through a transition. It was a confusing time and in the time that has passed, we still don’t have a definitive answer what that was all about. It’s been an odd time. I can’t really put a finger on anything of substance so we pretty much gave up trying. It’s kind of like reading a pretty good book and quitting halfway through. I know there’s more to this story. I know the end will be something I don’t want to miss. I am reminded of something a very wise friend … Continue reading Shakin’ The Roots

Praying For Open Doors

If I was to show you my prayer list, right now there are two words fixed at the top. “open doors” Seems easy enough right? Oh how I can (and do) complicate those two simple words. I place conditions on them. I blanket it in “if/then” statements and requirements. I want to control exactly how wide the door should be open and the exact conditions of how it should go. Am I praying for open doors or my will? Open doors can be a scary thing. It’s where faith demands application. It requires the vision to see what they look … Continue reading Praying For Open Doors