Last week I wrote a post about “wounds.” The response through email, text, facebook and on twitter was a confirmation that we all walk through seasons of hurting emotionally, physically and mentally. I received stories of walking through divorce, financial struggle, loss of a loved one and medical struggles. The truth is I hesitated to click “publish” on that post. Although I have a blog, I choose to walk through difficult personal seasons quietly and privately. I’m not often a guy that asks for prayer. It’s just the way I am. Yet the response from several that said “I felt … Continue reading Healer

Navigating Change

If I had to choose one word for the past 11 months, that word would be “changes.” Our family experienced our share of changes the past year and somehow we’ve managed to keep a relatively consistent home life. When you are the provider and protector for your family, it can be a little scary to look the others at the dinner table in the eye and assure them that all will be fine. Especially when you are not exactly sure yourself. I am certainly no expert in the area of parenting. I am VERY quick to point out that my … Continue reading Navigating Change

Leave No Doubt

On Monday I attended the funeral of my grandfather. Actually, he was my step-grandfather (I think that’s what you call it). He was my moms step-dad but I always knew him as “grandpa.” There are a number of ways I can take this post, but I’m going to focus on one simple thing, but it’s a big one…. The Pastor that performed the service didn’t know my grandfather. That in and of itself is worth a post or two. It also was my first clue that we didn’t know if my grandfather lived a life of faith. For those that … Continue reading Leave No Doubt

Laws of the Lighthouse

The following comes from the Max Lucado book “In the Eye of the Storm.” It’s an older book by Max (1991), but one of my favorites. On Friday we push off for our annual pilgrimage to “Gods Country” (aka Outer Banks, North Carolina by way of “Mecca” – Chapel Hill). It seems that every year when we make that journey, major decisions are weighing on my mind. I find it no coincidence that the beach seems to be a place where I do my best thinking. The noise is gone. The distractions are few. The reminders of a far greater … Continue reading Laws of the Lighthouse

What Do You Tell Them?

This image was taken on September 11, 2001. I will never forget the look in my one year old sons eyes as we sat stunned in front of the television. The world changed that day. We all changed that day. Obviously there is really no way to explain these events to a one year old. The reality is he probably wanted to know why we hadn’t put his favorite Barney video on. To be honest, I think that is what we eventually did. Not just for him. We put it on for all of us. Fast forward to this evening. … Continue reading What Do You Tell Them?

I Hope You See Jesus

Yesterday I read that Bebo Norman is retiring. It reminded me of this post I wrote a few years ago based on one of his songs (posted again below). Today I read an article on Relevant Magazine that caused me to pause and ponder a bit. The post was called “Stop Instagraming Your Perfect Life.” What I found fascinating about the article is I’ve been wrestling with this same concept all week. I’ve had the honor of meeting people “in real life” that I had previously only met through social media. I am always thrilled when they are who they … Continue reading I Hope You See Jesus