Best. Book. Ever.

If you've been around this blog any time at all, you probably know a few things about me. First, I review a lot of books. Second, I have given more than a few of them 4 or 5 out of 5's. Lastly, "Quiet Strength" by Tony Dungy has spent an unbelievable amount of time at [...]

"Beauty Will Rise"

I spent the day with Steven Curtis Chapman today.... Well, okay so I didn't actually sit down with a man I have an ultimate respect for, but I sure feel like I did. One of the first things I did this morning was download his new CD called "Beauty Will Rise". On that tragic day [...]

Simply The Best!

One thing that has always amazed me is how books seem to hit at just the right time. I actually recevied "Wide Awake" by Erwin McManus for Christmas along with 2 other books. I started the other two before I even opened "Wide Awake". Then one day I sat down in a comfortable chair, put [...]

The Only Thing That's Good In Me

Let me begin by thanking Kerri for her recommendation of the new Michael English book "The Prodigal Comes Home" a few weeks ago. I started reading it on Friday and couldn't put it down until I finished it last night. I am still thinking about it today. It's not a fairy tale story. I won't [...]