Right about the time that this ol’ blog got started, an artist named Jeremy Camp was just coming on the scene. In some odd way, Jeremy’s career and this blog have grown up together. I have let this site go somewhat dormant while Jeremy’s incredible career continues on. In my imaginary “soundtrack of life,” songs like “Walk By Faith,” “Give Me Jesus,” and “Overcome” will be forever included. When he released “There Will Be a Day,” I was in the process of saying goodbye to a close friend far too soon. It was my therapy and an anchor. I’ve never met Jeremy, but I will forever be thankful to him for his gift and his message.

A few months ago, I received an personal invitation to see a pre-screening of the incredible new film “I Still Believe.” As my time on this blog has become less and less, so have my reviews and the acceptance of these opportunities (I really need to get back to that). There was something about this one that arrested me. I knew the song and I was familiar with Jeremy Camp’s story. Something in me said “I must see this film!” I accepted and requested two tickets so I could take my bride. We don’t get many date nights so this was a welcomed opportunity.

I will repeat that I was familiar with the incredible testimony of Jeremy Camp. I knew how this film would end. I knew this would be hard. I refer back to the loss of my friend. I knew this dealt with cancer. I was in no way prepared for the emotional journey that this film would take me on. I left the theater numb, reflective and yet inspired. The car ride home was quiet. We both needed a moment. For me it was personal. I reflected on the loss, the hurt and the hope. As a dad, I also reflected on the role of his father (played brilliantly by Gary Sinise) and maybe the most powerful words in the film. No spoilers here but you’re gonna want to remember what his dad tells him. I would have saved it in my phone but there was a no cell phone policy.

I don’t want to say much in this review because I want anyone that reads it to go see it for themselves. I don’t want to tell you his real story. I want you to watch and experience it. I don’t want to tell you what his father said because it hits different when you see it in the film.

What I want to tell you is to go see this film. Take tissues. Period. That is the review.

Someday, I hope to meet Jeremy Camp. I hope to do nothing more than shake his hand. I hope to place a hand on his shoulder and thank God for his ministry, his message and his music. Life can be so hard yet we walk through these seasons for reasons. When we can realize the reason and impact others with our story, we see the heart of God.

And for that……

I still believe.

“I Still Believe” hits theaters on March 13th. A powerful cast that includes KJ Apa (Riverdale), Britt Robertson (Tomorrowland), Gary Sinise (Forrest Gump) and Country Music artist Shania Twain. Find out more at https://www.istillbelievemovie.com/