When We Come Out Of This

How we doing? For so many with high anxiety, depression and general fears, this is so hard. There’s no end date. We don’t know the outcome. We’re facing something we’ve never seen before. Businesses small and large are facing challenges they never predicted. Can I offer a word of encouragement and maybe a charge for […]

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This Time

I’m not sure about anyone else that reads this, but so often lately I have found myself out of bandwidth. There’s only so much time in a day. With “the boy” graduating and off to college and Princess 1.0 not doing a winter sport, you would think I’d have more available time. Actually, I think […]

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I Still Believe – Movie Review

Right about the time that this ol’ blog got started, an artist named Jeremy Camp was just coming on the scene. In some odd way, Jeremy’s career and this blog have grown up together. I have let this site go somewhat dormant while Jeremy’s incredible career continues on. In my imaginary “soundtrack of life,” songs […]

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