The Hills We Die On

There are select set of phrases that have found there way into my lexicon over the years. If you’re around me long enough you’ve probably heard some of them. One of the ones that I use rather frequently in day-to-day business decisions is “It’s not a hill to die on.” What is interesting about that […]

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Thank You, Nationwide Children’s

In 2017, our family encountered one of those moments you never anticipate or even plan for. We were in uncharted waters. I cannot allow the page to turn to 2018 without sending my heartfelt appreciation to anyone and everyone that works at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. A few years ago I was invited to attend a […]

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Your Actions Speak Louder

I once heard a story told by former Buckeye and NFL legend Chris Spielman. It’s been several years so I’m sure I’ll miss a detail or two but this is how I remember hearing it. Chris was in his rookie season with the Detroit Lions and in his first mini-camp. Truth be told, he was […]

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