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My Story.

After 30 years in a variety of senior leadership positions, I walked away from it all to start The Unscripted Collective. Powered by the Unscripted Podcast, The Unscripted Collective provides services like websites, podcasts and brand merchandise. 

  • Founder and CEO of The Unscripted Collective
  • Host of the Unscripted Podcast
  • Co-Host of the Mark Price for Three Podcast
  • Writer for Hoops Wire
  • Writer for Keeping it Heel
  • Contributor to other sites
  • Representative for Tori and Shauna, Cooking with CJ, Kaitlyn Coffman
  • Husband to Heather
  • Father to Austin (21), Emma (19) and Brynn (17)
  • Diehard Tar Heel Fan
  • Colorblind, dyslexic, and an empath
  • Forever faithful to the 216 (Cleveland)
  • Former Intramural Champion

Unscripted Podcast

Available on all platforms. The stories are yours, I just click record. 

Mark Price For 3 Podcast

Each week Mark and Aaron cover three key areas – Basketball, Coaching, Faith.


When I’m not recording a podcast, I usually write for this site and others. 

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