Continuing my review of 2011, you know I had to include our two trips to Nashville. The first trip was the annual running of the Nashville Half Marathon. 2011 was a tough year for me when it came to running. Due to injury after injury after setback after setback, my training really suffered. More than once, it appeared as if Nashville wasn’t going to be in the cards for me. I officially signed up about 6 weeks before the race and did my best to get ready. This is not a race that you “kinda” train for. It’s brutal. I finished it but was really more interested in getting to the festivities later that night.

Saturday evening after the race we met with 5 other couples at the historic Pucketts in Franklin for dinner. One of my favorite memories of 2011. 12 people sharing stories, life, laugh and good times. There is something special about this city and the people there. Which made our second visit to Nashville a no-brainer…

Heather and I returned to Nashville again several months later to pursue a very real possibility of relocating our family there. It was an incredible weekend with some amazing people. I continue to keep the details private, but someday I’ll share more about the who and what of why we went. I can tell you it was the opportunity of a lifetime. We are so fortunate to have even had the chance to visit, meet and discuss this opportunity. Gods timing is perfect and just maybe one day it will include us returning to Nashville to call it home.