Day two of the Capital Tournament was insane. Austin and his Wildcats teammates went into today needing 3 wins to win the championship. The first two games were hard fought. Austin won the first game with a steal at and layup with time running out. It was the second straight game he did that. The next game was close for awhile, but the Wildcats were able to hold on for the win.

The the Championship game came…

From the jump ball, the Wildcats looked completely gassed. The first two games had taken their toll and they looked totally flat. They would eventually get it to within 2, but Dublin would pull away. With less than a minute left to play, some pressure in the back court created a turnover. The pass went to Austin at the 3 point arch and he drained it.

Time out Dublin. 3 point lead.

Again pressure created a turnover, there was a scramble, Austin got the ball, passed it to a teammate who was covered, he threw it back to Austin who was now at the three point arch. He let a three fly…BOTTOMS. Tie game. 4.4 seconds left.

Time out…. Wait, what? The ref called what?

During the time out, the referee came over and said “guys, it was a two. His toe was on the line. It was only a two”. Everyone else in the gym seemed to think it was a three. A lady in the stands got it on video and the parents that watched the replay said it was a three. After the game, Dublin’s coach said “it was a three”. However the scoreboard showed only a two and the Wildcats would go on to lose by 1. Incredible game. I’m so proud of the whole team for their effort.

I’m most proud of number 50. He battled all day. Whenever the team needed a clutch play, the ball ended up in his hands. He never backed down. He never disappointed. It was a tough loss, but one that this team will learn a lot from.

Don’t worry, I gave that lady that has the video my email address and will post the final minute if I ever get my hands on it. Not because of the three in question, but because it was flat out exciting to watch. Stay tuned…