The Davinci Code…Your Thoughts?

WARNING….SOAP BOX ALERT!! Actually, I am going to do my very best to avoid getting up on the ol’ soap box. I am going to try to stay true to keeping my posts short and to the point. So here it is…one word….DISCERNMENT. If you want my one word answer to the book/movie, “The DaVinci

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Welcome to Monday!

Well here it is...Monday. In Greek mythology, the great King Sisyphus was condemned to spend the rest of his life rolling a large bolder to the top of a mountain, only to see it roll back down to the bottom again. Each day he would perform the same task....for eternity. Sounds like a Monday to me! I

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He’s Not Here…

For my quiet time this evening, I thought I would take a few minutes and review The Resurrection as told in all four Gospels. I found the words in Luke 24:5-6 to be the most interesting. According to Luke's writing, the men (angels) said to them, "why do you look for the living among the

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I’ll Never Know

My leave of absence was short lived. I am still committed to taking some time off this summer, but how could I let something like Easter go by without sharing my thoughts and those of some of the authors I have been reading? One of the more chilling lyrics in song comes from the popular

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The Fork In The Road

Day after day, conversation after conversation, I find that although we are all getting older, the questions remains the same. What do I want to be when I grow up? Do we ever really get there? Do we ever really know? Just when we think we know for sure, something changes or looks like it

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Keep Singing

I am blessed to have a job where I work out of a home office. One of the greatest parts of my work day occurs around 3:30. It is at this time that there comes a very quiet knock on my office doors. Along with the knock comes a little voice that says "daddy....daddy". When

By |2006-03-29T21:24:33-05:00March 29th, 2006|Faith, Family|0 Comments

Wild Thoughts

As noted in the sidebar and an earlier post, I am steamrolling my way through an incredible book by John Eldridge called "Wild at Heart". I wrote down 3 quotes last night I thought I would post. There are hundreds, but these 3 really stuck out to me. "The only thing more tragic than the

By |2006-03-28T15:45:01-05:00March 28th, 2006|Faith|2 Comments

Wild At Heart

Amazing how these things happen. In the course of the past month or so, I have had three people recommend the book "Wild At Heart" by John Eldridge to me. Funny thing is that all three recommendations came in three totally different contexts. One of them came right here in the blog from someone that

By |2006-03-26T22:52:41-05:00March 26th, 2006|Faith|2 Comments

Tough Questions…

During my quiet time this morning, I was reflecting on my recent run of good luck. As noted below, I am pretty excited about going to the Final Four. Then, out of nowhere came some pretty tough questions I was not prepared for. 1. If the tickets were to a weekend to hear Billy Graham

By |2006-03-16T22:21:21-05:00March 16th, 2006|Faith|0 Comments

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