I could not let this upcoming date pass without noting it’s importance. It’s not a date that jumps out on my calendar, but it is a date that will forever remain a thankful day for the family of Steven Curtis Chapman. You see, it was on February 20, 2008 that their precious daughter Maria Sue Chapman accepted Jesus into her heart. On that date, she wrote her name in the book of life. As you all know by now, Maria Sue was tragically killed not long after that day.

I chose this moment, this date to remind myself how thankful I am that my children have also accepted Jesus as their Savior and King. None of us are guaranteed tomorrow. Do your children have a “February 20th”? Is there someone that God has placed on your heart that you know doesn’t have an important date like that and made the best decision they could ever make? Maybe today or February 20th, can be their day too.

God only knows, everything that happened in that moment
God only knows, what He whispered to her heart
God only knows just how thankful I will always be
That He gave her mom and me
February 20th