Grace Week

Welcome to Grace Week! This page is your home for all things Grace Week. Once again my pastor Pete Wilson joins me along with the music of Tori and Shauna and our Director of Awesome, Katelyn. Each day this page will be updated with the newest episode for the week leading up to Easter. We do start this year with a special message from Pete Wilson. This is a great place to start before we get into the daily messages of Grace Week.

It All Starts Here

If you have the opportunity, please listen to this message from Pete Wilson originally shared at NorthRidge Church. It will be the basis of our conversation all week.

Get Up and Stand – March 25th – Day One

Welcome to Grace Week! Today is the first day of our 2024 series. In this episode, Pete Wilson and I dive into his sermon that we posted on Episode 275. We begin to talk about the story itself, his thoughts behind it, and especially Luke 6. We finish today’s message with a song from our friends Tori and Shanua.

Day Two – March 26th – Stretch Out Your Hand

Today is day two of Grace Week. Yesterday Pete Wilson talked about getting up and standing. Identifying your shame. Today we’re going to unpack stretching it out so others can see it. We’re going to discuss what it’s like to be in a community where your circle and others can either accept it and love you, or not. The grace of Good Friday covers your withered hand. I am praying for anyone who hears this and the community around you as you share yours with your circle too.


Today we continue our series for Grace Week with maybe the deepest episode of the week. Today we talk about “The Truth About Me.” Pete Wilson shared the truth about him in his sermon (Episode 275) so today, I shared mine as well. This was pulled from a blog post I wrote back in 2010 called “I Hope You See Jesus.” Pete and I discuss how sharing our truth, and exposing our hand gives others to do the same. We also discuss how we are not where we want to be but we are not where we were. We close with another song from Tori and Shanua.


Welcome to day four of Grace Week. We’re almost to Good Friday. Before we get there, we need to pause and talk about the Community of the Withered Hand. By now you might have considered standing up and showing your hand. If you have, let me be the first to welcome you here. I hope you receive that like a warm hug. I hope that someday we can have a community where we are not ashamed but rather welcomed to share our struggles. This is day four of Grace Week.


This is it. We have reached the final day of Grace Week. Today is Good Friday. Today we reflect on the sacrifice that allowed up to no longer live with shame. Today we finish our series and share some contact information. If you need want to reach out to me, email me at I would be happy to hear from you and want to pray for you. Thank you once again to Pete Wilson, Miss K and Tori and Shauna for being a part of this again this year. Thank you all for listening.