Free Family Turkey Trot II

  Oops we did it again!! Last Thanksgiving we had an idea and now it’s annual event. I started receiving emails for all of the local races so I thought I better start spreading the word that we will indeed host our second annual Free Family Turkey Trot this year. Despite the cold weather, last yearContinue reading “Free Family Turkey Trot II”

Hey Columbus…It's Coming!

I have been telling you all that God was up to something. Here’s the best part, I don’t think he’s even close to being done yet. I am absolutely THRILLED to announce that as of this morning it became official, we’re bringing All Pro Dad to Northwest Columbus. As you can imagine, the details atContinue reading “Hey Columbus…It's Coming!”

That Scares Me…

On my flight home last night I was thinking about an appointment I have Monday which has my “fear factor” level spiked at about a 10. I’d rather not go into details, but I’ll let you know next week how it went. Let’s call it an “unspoken” prayer request. While I was battling the fearContinue reading “That Scares Me…”

She Ran the Race

My wife completed her goal of running the Columbus Marathon yesterday. Her final time was 4:10! The weather was perfect and she completed the race which God called her to run. In case you’re wondering, my arm’s a little sore this morning from holding the camera and my back is stiff from standing, but IContinue reading “She Ran the Race”