The Foundation

There was one other quote that I had to commit to memory from the book “The Difference A Father Makes” by Ed Tandy McGlasson. When I read it, it practically jumped out off of the page and tapped me one the shoulder. I think it hit a fear that many of us have as parents.Continue reading “The Foundation”

Arms Wide Open

Strange day for me today. When the calendar page turned to the 6th of October, my first born turned 8 years old. Not only is he our first born child, but he is my only son. I honestly cannot remember where the past 8 years have gone. When I think about the fact that whenContinue reading “Arms Wide Open”

These Small Hours

The kids and I watched “Meet The Robinson’s” the other night. I have this weird knack when watching films of picking up the soundtrack music and how it relates to the film. I have no idea how popular this song was, or if it even made it to radio, but it is rich. At theContinue reading “These Small Hours”