Who Says You Can’t Go Home?

What a weekend. The family and I left on Friday afternoon to head to our hometown of Bedford, Ohio for the wedding of Heather’s youngest sister. “My Girls”, “The Boy” and Heather were all in the wedding so it was an exciting time for everyone. There is always a part of me that still loves going “home” to where my roots are planted. While the condition of my old hometown is not what I remembered it to be, one thing is for sure…the people never change. You really can go home. One take away from this weekend is that no … Continue reading Who Says You Can’t Go Home?

Anniversary Tradition

Saturday marks 11 years since my wife Heather and I said “I Do”. It’s been quite a ride. We are going to celebrate the 11 years by taking part in another wedding. Heather’s sister is getting married on Saturday and she and the kids all have a part in the ceremony. What a better way to celebrate 11 great years than to be there as a wonderful couple begins their journey as well. The post below was written several years ago, but I keep posting it every year as a tradition. Happy Anniversary to my wife. You are the grace … Continue reading Anniversary Tradition

Loose Lips

With only 4 days left in the school year, I scheduled to have lunch with “the boy” at school today. He enjoys having me come in (I think it’s the fast food I bring) and I enjoy stepping into his world for 30 minutes. I get the opportunity to observe his circles of influence and see what the other kids at his school are like. I took the opportunity today to ask about several people in the cafeteria. One of the men I inquired about was the guy in charge of keeping the cafeteria and lunch hour running like a … Continue reading Loose Lips

Changes in Latitude, Changes in Attitude

I have had the absolute blessing on several occasions to meet people from the blog world either through my travel or theirs. It happened again tonight as my family and I had the honor of meeting a family that I have the ultimate respect for. Many of you in the blogging community know Rindy Walton and her son Matt. I don’t remember how or where, but somewhere “the matrix” connected our paths. Rindy and Matt’s blogs are more examples of what I’d like mine to be when it grows up. It was even better to meet them live and in … Continue reading Changes in Latitude, Changes in Attitude

For The Love Of…

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane…shall we? For those that have followed this thing since the beginning, you might remember when I wrote a post 3 years ago about a dilemma I was having (HERE). Matter of fact, last time the Tar Heels played for a championship, Heather almost had a baby…literally! (Details HERE) So it just seems appropriate that we are steamrolling our way into Final Four weekend and the Karma is everywhere. See if you can follow the bouncing ball on this one. You might have noticed that I am trying to discern a major decision which … Continue reading For The Love Of…

I said…You heard…

Kids and lessons from our Heavenly Father go hand in hand don’t they? The timing is sometimes scary. This morning was one of those moments. Let me explain. Last night as I tucked my daughter into bed, we were discussing “All Pro Dad” (APD) on Saturday. She gets very excited every month to attend APD. So when she awoke this morning, she was all excited to go. One problem, APD is on Saturday and today is Wednesday. I tried to explain that to her but it didn’t seem to help her disappointment. I explained that “I said it was on … Continue reading I said…You heard…

Signs and Wonders..

For those still wondering, here are a few more clues about “the voice”. “Was trying to find me something but I wasn’t sure just what Funny how they say that some things never change Oh my sweet Carolina What compels me to go Oh my sweet disposition May you one day carry me home” From the song “Oh My Sweet Carolina” by Ryan Adams Continue reading Signs and Wonders..

Where Do You Turn?

Interesting time around this head of mine. I am flip flopping more than John Kerry in the 2004 Election. I am interested in what others do in times of decisions that involve hearing from God. It has been my experience that you sense God is speaking through one direction. You then try to accumulate the data or signs that might also be pointing in that direction as validation of what you think you sensed. Yet if you are like me, you need to speak to others to confirm, gain input, wisdom or understanding. Or do you? That is what the … Continue reading Where Do You Turn?

I Knew This Day Would Come

Somewhere in this bald head of mine, I guess I always knew this day would come. The day when I would officially start getting beat at Playstation 2 by “The Boy” on a regular basis. Don’t tell anyone, but tonight, he extended the winning streak to 4 games in a row. The games have been different (NCAA 08, NCAA 2k8, Backyard Basketball and NBA Live 06), but the results are starting to speak for themselves. Gone are the days of choosing Columbus State Community College while he chose North Carolina to keep things fair. He’s crushing me no matter who … Continue reading I Knew This Day Would Come

Please Be Patient…

When I was growing up, I had a small cross stitch picture in my room that my mom made. It was a picture of a little cowboy with the words “Please be patient, God’s not through with me yet“. I couldn’t help but think of how prophetic that little picture was..and still is today. While I write this and ask for each of your patience with me…I think I write it to remind myself as well. God is not through with me yet. I think so often I beat myself up over what I don’t do when it comes to … Continue reading Please Be Patient…


“Today there are thousands of people sitting in church pews every Sunday who look like they’ve got it together on the outside but are broken on the inside. People who want to grab a Christian brother or sister by the shoulders and shout, “I’m not together! I’m in trouble! My relationship with God is terrible! I feel like a fake!” Instead, they pass out another bulletin or stack another chair, afraid to reach out, because everyone else looks like they have life’s problems whipped” –Michael English from the book “The Prodigal Comes Home“ “Stained Glass Masquerade” by Casting Crowns Continue reading Quotable