What Not To Wear

Yesterday I opened my Google Reader and, like the rest of the “Tar Heel Family” was shocked to read that David and Travis Wear have decided to transfer from North Carolina to a destination which has yet to be announced. Because I am obsessed with North Carolina Basketball, I went looking for answers last night. Since you can believe everything you read on the internet, that was my source of information. It is a bad source. Something is wrong. People don’t transfer out of the Mecca of College Basketball (insert your lame NIT jokes here). After a season that was one new rock bottom after another, this announcement found another way to go just a little deeper.

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Bullock Calls Coach K "A Rat"

Clearly Roy Williams hasn’t gotten in touch with Reggie Bullock yet. While I am not disagreeing with Mr. Bullock, I would say that he needs to learn to keep his thoughts and comments to himself. The Carolina Duke Rivalry has enough sauce already. Big words coming from a guy that hasn’t stepped on campus yet. Hope his play is as strong as his opinions and I mean that sincerely. At least Barnes and Marshall know better. Dean Smith would have a fit if he heard incoming freshman saying this. On behalf of all Tar Heel fans, I would tell Reggie to let his play do the talking. Act like you’ve been there. Respect the rivalry. Call Tyler Hansbrough if you have any questions.

Clip #2

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Bullock Calls Coach K “A Rat”

Clearly Roy Williams hasn’t gotten in touch with Reggie Bullock yet. While I am not disagreeing with Mr. Bullock, I would say that he needs to learn to keep his thoughts and comments to himself. The Carolina Duke Rivalry has enough sauce already. Big words coming from a guy that hasn’t stepped on campus yet. Hope his play is as strong as his opinions and I mean that sincerely. At least Barnes and Marshall know better. Dean Smith would have a fit if he heard incoming freshman saying this. On behalf of all Tar Heel fans, I would tell Reggie to let his play do the talking. Act like you’ve been there. Respect the rivalry. Call Tyler Hansbrough if you have any questions.

Clip #2

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Tar Heel Blues

Tip-off of Duke Blue Devils vs. North Carolina...
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Much has been made this season about the fall from grace of my beloved Tar Heels. I’m okay with that. One reason is that until Monday night when they crown a new champion, North Carolina is still NCAA Champ. The Tar Heels have also been the punchline of many jokes this season. It’s all a part of being the best. When you fall they will line up to point it out.

Tonight the Tar Heels will play Dayton for the NIT Championship. You know the “Not In Tournament”? The one that wins can lay claim to “We’re number 67”! Like I said on twitter earlier today, it’s feels kind of like when you take a walk in softball. It’s helpful, but just not the way it was meant to be. All that to say that I’m proud of my Heels. They could have mailed it in or worse yet, decline the invite to the NIT (which many recommended they do). They have actually won 7 of 9 and 4 in a row. They have also won all but one of those games on the road in hostile environments. It is all going to help next season when they return to “Elite” status.

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My Blue Heaven!

In a few short weeks we’re packing up the “family truckster“, setting the GPS for Outer Banks and spending a week on the beaches of North Carolina. As if that wasn’t inviting enough, I took it upon myself to just take a quick “look see” how far out of the way Chapel Hill would be on our journey. Since we’re “in the neighborhood” we’re going to go ahead and spend the night 2 miles from the University of North Carolina. To say I’m excited might be the understatement of the year! While we’re there “The Boy” and I are already … Continue reading My Blue Heaven!

Final Thoughts

Some final thoughts before tonights big game. Been interesting to hear which side the “Buckeye Nation” has taken for the UNC and Michigan State game. They either can’t root for “anything from that state up north” or they are rooting for the Big 10. The analysts are correct that the game in December was totally different. I don’t anticipate this, but should Michigan State win, you have to give them credit. They will have beaten three number one seeds to earn it. Tom Izzo is a great coach. Roy had better have them ready. The last two times Carolina won … Continue reading Final Thoughts

Something Big

  In March of this year, we began a journey that took a BIG turn yesterday. Huge. In reviewing that post tonight. I recalled quoting the lyrics of John Waller when he sang: “Something so big, it’s destined to fail without you Lord” Friends, readers and those that may be visiting for the first time, I have an announcement to make…. In a little over two weeks, the Conrad family will become official residence of Charlotte, North Carolina. Yes, you read that correctly. TWO WEEKS! I told you it was big. As late as Tuesday evening, I was just telling … Continue reading Something Big

Charlotte Update

I’m sitting at the airport in Detroit on my way to Norfolk and was reminded on my flight that it was probably time for a Charlotte Update. To be honest there is not a whole lot to update at this point. While we continue to wait on an offer on the house, we also continue to try to figure out what the time between “now and then” will look like. We’ve had visits but almost each one was someone that gave great feedback but needed to sell their house first. The kids start school this week, so it is another … Continue reading Charlotte Update

Random Sports

I confirmed my tickets to the Brickyard NASCAR race on July 27th today. Now if I could just find my cup holder hat. Odds are pretty good I will be somewhere in Ford Field on December 3rd with my son for The Tar Heels vs. Michigan State game. How far is it from Charlotte to Detroit? I’m going to hold a garage sale  to unload all of my Raiders gear (Zubaz anyone?). I have officially left the “Raider Nation” to follow the Carolina Panthers. We also keep an eye on the Indianapolis Colts (it’s a Dungy thing). Been a busy … Continue reading Random Sports

What About Now?

One of the curses blessings of a blog is that people (some you don’t even know) get a glimpse into your life. Depending on your level of disclosure, it can all be out there for the entire world (literally) to see. I sit here today wishing I could type the entire Charlotte story and the overwhelming peace which God has given us. I wish I could tell you about every single thing along the journey that has directed our decision and every doubt that has been answered. The truth is that the post would be VERY long. You might be … Continue reading What About Now?

Big Things!!!!

Wow. This has been quite a week…. First off, it is with excitement and pride that I announce that my wife now has a BLOG!!! I think she got the bug when she signed up for Facebook recently and now she is officially a blogger. I am both thrilled and disappointed. I am thrilled that the blog world will now get a glimpse into the life of the one that is the grace of my life. I’m disappointed because I just became the second best blogger in our household. That I am okay with though. Check out her new blog … Continue reading Big Things!!!!

Hebrews 11:1

For well over a year and a half now, I have climbed aboard plane after plane. Week after week and month after month, I step onto an airplane and never once see the pilot. I’ve never spoken to one of them. I’ve not had the opportunity to ask them 100 questions before deciding if I trust them. I don’t know if they are tired, qualified, drunk, or even know where we are going. I just walk back to my seat, buckle up and keep my seat and tray table in the upright position. So why won’t I do the same … Continue reading Hebrews 11:1

Charlotte Reflections

We’re back. Just in time for me to jet to Miami in a few days. We had a great time in Charlotte. Below are some reflections from the 4 days that were Carolina… 1. How did we travel before portable DVD players, GPS, Cell Phones, Twitter, texting, mobile web and facebook updates via text? 2. I have officially tried REAL sweet tea, fried pickles, southern potato salad and Carolina Bar-b-que. 3. Downtown Charlotte may be the cleanest city I have ever seen in all of my travels. 4. Tar Heel and Panther gear is 100% more available and 50% cheaper … Continue reading Charlotte Reflections

Blog Karma

How about a quick shout out to my new favorite NASCAR Driver Kasey Kahne winning the Coca Cola 600! Must be some blog karma workin’ after my post about him late last week. Could have something to do with the fact that the race was held in none other than Concord, North Carolina. Coincidence? I think not. As I said last week, my employer sponsors Kahne (more specifically Evernham Racing) so it was good to actually watch him finish on top. Elliot Sadler (our primary driver) finished somewhere in the top 5 as well. I am also admitting that I … Continue reading Blog Karma

Newest Recruit?

Obama must really want my vote. Funny I don’t see any video of him playing pick up with the Jayhawks. Oh, that’s right…they were probably celebrating their championship at the White House with the President. I’m not bitter…. I can hear him now…”Um, give me that Psycho T guy and 3 other dudes….Ball out” Roy could at least have gotten him some practice gear. He was probably sweatin’ in those running pants. Then again, Roy might have given him some Kansas gear or something. I’m not bitter…. Continue reading Newest Recruit?

Folded Corners

My good friend Denny taught me a trick a few years ago of folding the corner on the pages I wanted to remember. I let my fingers do the walking through those page folds tonight and below are the quotes that I found. Interesting that they mean as much to me now (maybe more) as they did when I read Chasing Daylight by Erwin McManus a year ago. “We all want miracles and then spend our lives avoiding the context in which miracles happen” (pg 71) “Most of life’s challenges are a test of first-dimension faith – trusting God with … Continue reading Folded Corners

Not Cool…

There has been much debate (even among Tar Heel fans) about this image. In case you missed it, the man in this picture would be Roy Williams. Roy is the current coach of UNC. Roy used to coach at Kansas. Roy’s team (UNC) lost to Kansas on Saturday. While Roy’s team was flying home after a stunning upset, Roy was sitting the Kansas section laughing, wearing a Kansas logo and really enjoying himself. I am not picturing or mentioning the fact that when Roy’s team (UNC) showed up to play on Saturday (some would say didn’t show up to play), … Continue reading Not Cool…


“No we’re never gonna survive unless we are a little crazy” – Seal A few weeks ago, I was having lunch with my boss and he said the strangest thing. I don’t even remember the context, but his statement went like this; “Aaron, everyone’s got a little crazy in them. Some just show it more than other’s” For the life of me, I don’t know why I still remember that. Maybe it’s the “little bit-o-crazy” that is sneaking out of me. I think he’s right though. I think there are times when we absolutely need to be! I remember the … Continue reading Crazy….

Tips and Tolls

Yesterday morning I set out on the drive to Charlotte, North Carolina. As I was cruising along, enjoying the incredible weather, I noted the sign “Toll booth ahead“. Uh-oh. If you’re like me you don’t often carry cash. I pretty well use the debit card for all transactions. Tip #1 There are 3 toll booths on I-77 in West Virginia ($1.25 each) I was frantically digging through the car looking for change as I got closer and closer. I only came up with .95 cents. When I pulled up to the booth I said “I’ve got .95 cents…and a debit … Continue reading Tips and Tolls

The comeback that fell short

Most of you will probably be glad that UNC is out tonight so I will stop blogging about them (although they have a wicked sweet baseball team too). One final post after the loss to Kansas. I’ll give UNC credit, they made it worth watching in the 2nd half. Danny Green (he of the 6 turnovers) had a 3 that went all the way around the rim and out which would have brought the once 28 point lead to 2. It was amazing. Then they ran out of gas. It was a lot of fun this year. Hansbrough will probably … Continue reading The comeback that fell short

For The Love Of…

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane…shall we? For those that have followed this thing since the beginning, you might remember when I wrote a post 3 years ago about a dilemma I was having (HERE). Matter of fact, last time the Tar Heels played for a championship, Heather almost had a baby…literally! (Details HERE) So it just seems appropriate that we are steamrolling our way into Final Four weekend and the Karma is everywhere. See if you can follow the bouncing ball on this one. You might have noticed that I am trying to discern a major decision which … Continue reading For The Love Of…

Where Do You Turn?

Interesting time around this head of mine. I am flip flopping more than John Kerry in the 2004 Election. I am interested in what others do in times of decisions that involve hearing from God. It has been my experience that you sense God is speaking through one direction. You then try to accumulate the data or signs that might also be pointing in that direction as validation of what you think you sensed. Yet if you are like me, you need to speak to others to confirm, gain input, wisdom or understanding. Or do you? That is what the … Continue reading Where Do You Turn?

Between the lines…

I’m not referring to the basketball team here…. Carolina in my Mind by James Taylor Dark and silent late last night I think I might have heard the highway calling Geese in flight and dogs that bite Signs that might be omens say I’m going, going I’m goin’ to Carolina in my mind With a holy host of others standing ’round me Still I’m on the dark side of the moon And it seems like it goes on like this forever You must forgive me If I’m up and gone to Carolina in my mind Continue reading Between the lines…

The Voice Part II

After some emails and phone conversations, I guess I need to answer some questions that have come up regarding my previous post. Sorry it was a bit cryptic, but to quote Brian McKnight “in all things time, time will reveal“. While we all wait, let me answer a few of those questions and put some rumors to rest. 1. I am not going to build a baseball field in my backyard. I don’t even own corn. 2. I am not going into business with bornandbreded. 3. I am not going into the ministry. 4. I am not quitting my job, … Continue reading The Voice Part II

The Voice….

In one of my favorite songs by John Waller, he states that he wants to do “something so big, it’s destined to fail without you Lord“. Well over the weekend, I started to hear “the voice”. You know the one I am talking about. The one that makes you say “you’re kidding right”. I have spent the better part of two days going through scenarios in my mind of the implications of what I felt (and feel) like “the voice” said. If I made a list with two columns on it that said “makes sense” and “makes no sense”, the … Continue reading The Voice….