Remembering Stef

Many of the readers of my blog prayed, commented and supported my good friend Stefan Tarapchak throughout his journey with cancer. Through Stef’s blog, you now have the opportunity to remember Stef with resources from his funeral. I received many requests for a copy of the service and at this time we are unable to get the service posted on the web. We have, however, done our best to put the pieces of the service that we do have onto his site. You can find each of the speeches given and the slide show that was created for his service … Continue reading Remembering Stef

A Reason To Celebrate!

The service for our friend Stefan Tarapchak yesterday was wonderful. The choir and Allen Lowe did an incredible job of singing songs of praise and hope. I was so proud of Sandi as she delivered a memorial speech to Stef. While it was, at times difficult, this morning I rejoice. As a matter of fact, I can’t get away from how excited I am this morning. I keep thinking that Stef would have wanted it this way. What would he have wanted??? SEVERAL people accepted Christ as their personal Savior at the end of service yesterday. I rejoice that Stef’s … Continue reading A Reason To Celebrate!

One Bright Hour

Friends, blog readers and to all of those that have been praying for our dear friend Stefan, please see Sandi’s post this morning. Romans 12:15 instructs us to “rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn”. At no moment in my life do I understand that verse better than I do this morning. For it is with the great hope and peace that I know my friend has earned and heard the words “Well done my good and faithful servant” this morning. I would ask all that read this to pray for Sandi and the children. May God … Continue reading One Bright Hour

Prayer Requests

Inspired by my wife and with a little “push” by my good friend “D-Rich”, I recently started running jogging. Don’t tell either of them, but I am secretly enjoying it. My knees are not enjoying it nearly as much as my mind though. Anyone that has run knows that so much of the battle is mental. It’s pushing yourself to another goal and beyond what you perceive as pain. It’s digging in deep to find something that will carry you the next mile. I recently discovered something that really helps… prayer. I have been amazed at how quickly that next … Continue reading Prayer Requests


Many of you are praying for our friend Stef. Last night we had the priviledge of attending a very special prayer meeting with the choir at our church. The suggestion has been made that each day at 12:00 we stop whatever we are doing and say a prayer for our friend. For some of us that might even mean twice a day. I thought I would pass it along to you all as well. As I bring my requests each day, I will do so remembering what Hebrews 4:16 states: “Let us then approach the throne of grace with CONFIDENCE, … Continue reading 12:00

Refuse To Lose Invitational

It is great excitement that I post this opportunity. Many of you have followed the journey of my good friend Stefan Tarapchak over the past year through his blog and mine. We have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of prayer support and love for Stefan and his family during this time. So when I heard about this opportunity to show the Tarapchak family our support and love, I couldn’t wait to get it to the web. For all of those that have asked how they can support this family, or if there is something you can do, here is your … Continue reading Refuse To Lose Invitational

Stef Update and Request

Since many people that follow Stef’s blog follow this one as well I thought I would get a quick update on our brother and friend. As most of you know, Stef had surgery a few weeks ago in his battle with colon cancer. His recovery this time has been slowed by a few set backs but he was finally able to return home. He has continued to battle pain and a lack of appetite. Last night Sandi and Stef went to the hospital to the emergency room due to his increased pain and inability to keep anything down. I spoke … Continue reading Stef Update and Request

Prayer Update

We serve an awesome God! Before I type anything else, I want to acknowledge that we serve a God that deserves all the honor and glory and passion praising him with which we have all been praying for our brother Stef. Also, understand that I am hoping I give you all of the facts as I know them. There will be more definitive conversations tonight, but this is what we found out while we were there. Stef’s surgery began a little later then anticipated around 9:30. About 2-3 hours into the surgery, we got the first call that the cancer … Continue reading Prayer Update

A Call to Prayer

Many of you have been following the journey of my friend Stef the past few months either through his blog, AC180, my blog or all three. If you are not familiar with Stef, he is an amazing man of God, Christian brother, husband, father and friend. About 6 months ago, God gave me the blessing of connecting our paths and I am a better person today because of that divine moment. If you would like to know more about Stef, his journey and his family, he has been sharing it through his blog. Today, I want to make a public … Continue reading A Call to Prayer