Have you ever had that question where you are asked “if you could meet anyone in the world, who would it be”? My list isn’t really all that inspiring or extensive. There is one name that would be at the top though. Max Lucado. If I could choose one author that has inspired, challenged and changed me, he would be the one. It’s not that I am a crazed fan or anything, I just would like to shake his hand. Today…I got that chance.


Someone must have tipped Max off about the fact that if you want to score points (like he would need or want to) with me, love on my kids. Before I could even introduce myself or shake his hand, he had left his chair and given my son a full fledge “Bear Hug”. I was pretty well JELLO after that.


I brought a copy of “3:16” for him to sign and my son chose “A Hat for Ivan” which Max wrote as well. It’s one of his favorites. Max knelt down, looked my son in the eye and said “Austin, God has a very special hat made for you as well. It might be a policeman, a fireman or maybe even an athlete. God made one just for you“. I said “we are shooting for basketball player at North Carolina, but understand if that one doesn’t fit”. Max and his lovely wife Denalyn took time to love on each one of the kids. He even held Brynn’s little face in his hand at one point.


It was one of the most special and memorable 5 – 10 minutes I have ever had. Although we were just 5 more faces in the line of people that he has and was to meet, Max and his wife never made us feel that way. I will never forget it. So the next time someone asks the question about who I would like to meet, I can say “I already have”.