Last week I noticed that Jon Acuff was doing something wonderful on his blog. He had teamed up with Hello Somebody to provide one year food and education for a child in Rwanda. In order to reach his goal, he needed 70 people to purchase a watch from Hello Somebody for $25. Remarkably, he shattered that goal and sold enough watches to support not one, but 6 children!

2 of the watches that were sold are on their way to our home any day now. I purchased a black one and my son, Austin, purchased a blue one with his birthday money. We can’t wait until they get here. We’re even more excited to announce that we are teaming with Hello Somebody now too! For the next 30 days we have a goal to sell 70 watches. We even know who our efforts will support. Let me introduce you to Vedaste Iyamwremye. He is a 22 year old male from Rwanda. You can read his full profile (HERE).

If you are not familiar with the Hello Somebody watches, they are WICKED COOL. They are throwbacks to the swatch watches of the 80s. With Christmas just around the corner, they would make a great gift, for a great cause, with a great story! Would you consider joining the team?


It’s very important that you put the boys full name in the “note” section on the payment form.  

Feel free to email, facebook or tweet it to others and start your own trend with “#TeamVedaste”.  

For more information about Hello Somebody, check out this post – (HERE)

Let’s GO!!