In June of 2012, I wrote a post called “Losing My Soul.” I wrote that post sitting in a cubicle and letting the world see into what I was feeling. It was one of the more open and honest moments in this blog. After a 5 year run as the Director of a program that was literally an idea drawn up on a napkin by my then CEO, I was moved to some other projects. A new CEO no longer found the program I ran necessary to the organization (he didn’t like the other CEO) and to his credit, wanted to keep me around the organization. For the next year or so, I would take on a random variety of projects in a variety of areas within the organization. It was frustrating because I was so personally attached to the program I ran. I loved it. It was our CEO’s “baby” and he entrusted it into my care to nurture and grow. We achieved record success year over year. Now I felt like I was just wasting away in random unrelated projects.

It is remarkable how things come full circle. A massive reduction in the organization included my name in August of 2012. All of those years within one organization (13 to be exact) and all of that industry knowledge seemed to be wasted. That last year in particular felt like a year in the desert. I never imagined that I would use those skills or the knowledge I gained for something again.

Yesterday my move to a new role within the current organization I work for was officially announced. After a 8 months in the field reacquainting myself with customers, our industry and our product line, the opportunity to move into a role that matches my skill set opened up. If I was to sit down and write out what I had to offer an organization, including that one year of “random unrelated projects,” my new role would be what I would write out. I am thrilled to step into this opportunity and help our organization reach and exceed their goals. The skills I learned in my previous 13 years, and especially that final “random” year will be incredibly valuable now. Huge actually.

I went a long way to get to this point – NOTHING is wasted.

I don’t know where this post finds you today. I don’t know if you feel like you’re sitting in a job or daily mundane that just seems, well, mundane. It certainly might not seem like it today, but there is nothing that is happening right now that won’t be of value. What you are doing today is important to someone somewhere. Maybe it’s your children. Maybe it’s your spouse. It could be your employer, a customer or a future spouse. I don’t know where this finds you today but let me encourage you that NOTHING is wasted.

There will be a day, there will be a moment when all of what seems to be wasted today becomes a clear necessity for the next thing. Stay encouraged. Stay focused. Nothing is wasted.