Perfect! Those that know me, know that I have known all along what we were having. When asked, I would just say that when I found out what we were having my only thought was “perfect”. Now that Brynn is here, I can finally reveal what “perfect” was all about. Actually, perfect has taken on a new meaning in the past 48 hours. So now, here is what perfect was to me.

* Perfect is having “My Boy” and “My Girls”
* Perfect was the delivery and the magic of birth
* Perfect is family and friends dropping everything to be at your side in a time of need
* Perfect is a wife that gives of herself for 9 months to bring a child into the world
* Perfect is sisters and brothers that love their new sibling
* Perfect is seeing grown men act like children as they look through the nursery window
* Perfect is holding a child in your arms and knowing they have their whole life ahead of them
* Perfect is the selfless acts of friends to make sure you have everything you need
* Perfect is a child that breaks down everything else in the world to equal everyone in the room
* Perfect is tears of joy and anxious moments of hoping you can be the parent you need to be.
* Perfect is the diaper of a new born looking so tiny compared to the diaper of a 2 year old!
* Perfect is the wrinkles of their little skin.
* Perfect is a baby grabbing your little finger and wrapping you around theirs.

Perfect can be defined in many ways, but to me, it has taken on a million meanings. Will life always be “perfect”? No, no it won’t. But I believe that is why the Lord gives us moments like this. Times when, no matter what is going on in life, work, the world, it simply doesn’t matter. Everything stops so you can enjoy one moment of time when it is simply perfect. Thank you Lord for our blessings and for “Perfect”!